Library makeover expands storage capacity, programs

As we all try to adjust to the sudden cold snap that has dropped in on us, Big Valley is quietly resting under our blanket of snow.

As we all try to adjust to the sudden cold snap that has dropped in on us, Big Valley is quietly resting under our blanket of snow.

Many of our residents have deserted us for warmer climates; sunshine and gentle breezes beckon them toward warmer temperatures as they abandon us back here in the cold.

Hawaii, Australia, Mexico and Arizona — the list of exotic destinations leaves those of us left behind yearning for the end of winter.

The area’s deer are visiting the village, wandering down back lanes and nibbling through yards, as they forage for something good to eat. Obviously, they’re having a hard time finding their usual feed because of the deep snow.

As our winter weary residents go about their daily routines, village business continues to march along steadily. There are birthday parties and celebrations occurring; bingo and crib games being played.

Board meetings are determining this year’s business and hockey tournaments are deciding this year’s champions.

However, residents’ eagerness to report such events hasn’t regained its momentum since the Christmas break, and it has been a bit of a challenge to gather the community news.

There were 13 players at the Big Valley Inn for crib this past Sunday. First place went to Bill Kirtley, second to Stan Nattestad, third to Joanne Murphy and the booby went to Trudy Spence.

This week, the lucky draw went to Jack Betty Bell and the 50/50 winner was Dorothy Annable. The next crib tournament will be this Sunday. Everyone is welcome.

The Big Valley Municipal Library is getting a makeover. The library’s interior space will undergo significant modifications in the coming months, including fresh paint, new bookcases, blinds, and carpet runners. There are plans to improve the circulation desk, change the children’s area and relocate the public computer stations. Some of the old fixtures of the library will be cleaned and restored, while others are being replaced.

The first phase of the interior renovations is set to begin this coming week, with the introduction of our much-anticipated “mobile bookcases.” Those were ordered late in 2012 and will be arriving shortly.

The addition of the bookcases will greatly expand our book-storage capacity and provide us with options to expand our programming capabilities.

After these initial changes, we expect to greatly improve the use of our small space. The library is set to unpack a large selection of new titles to add to our collection and unveil additional surprises for the community.

Some library services and areas will be disrupted during certain phases of this project. Parts of our collection will be moved or temporarily packed away, but as books are shifted or relocated, we will make every effort to minimize any inconvenience to our patrons.

These exciting changes are the result of a great deal planning and hard work. We must thank the Big Valley Municipal Library Board and the Friends of the Big Valley Library Society for all they have done to make this makeover possible.