Let’s say sorry less, and thank you more

Last week was one of the most fun and entertaining weeks of the school year.

STETTLER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL — Last week was one of the most fun and entertaining weeks of the school year. On Wednesday and Thursday our students were able to take part in DINO Days. Each class was dressed in a specific colour and students were invited to participate in a variety of fun and exciting games and competitions. There were giant dinosaurs (transported through the time machine that stood in the corner of the gymnasium) playing alongside the students. There was great laughter and phenomenal participation, and clearly everyone was having a great time. Along with the fun there was also an opportunity for reflection and learning to take place. Students were challenged to adopt on attitude of gratitude and learned to say thank you in several different languages.

The theme for these days was gratitude and our “Caveman Leader” taught the students the importance of saying thank you and truly being grateful for the things that we have. Students heard, “Let’s say sorry less, and thank you more.” On that note, thank you to Mrs. Poapst for organizing this incredible event for our students. Her hard work and dedication certainly paid off. As well, I would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the SES staff for their help, participation, and flexibility during this week. An event of this magnitude takes many hours to put together and many people to cooperate and help out, and our staff really stepped up to the plate and did a number of great things because you knew our students would benefit from this experience.

On Friday, Feb. 3, the staff took part in a Professional Development Day. We were very fortunate to have Frank Teravich join us from Ontario for another training day as part of “The Leader in Me” program. We extend our gratitude to the Stettler Kinettes for supporting the program. As well, we would like to say thank you to this amazing service group for donating the money to pay for our training day with Frank. The day served as a reminder of why we are doing the things that we are doing, and it was a booster shot for our staff and for this amazing program. We have the greatest students and we know that they deserve the best education. And although the academic piece is very important, teaching character education is equally as crucial.

On Monday, Feb. 6, we held a staff meeting followed by some yoga for those who wanted to participate. Staff also spent time collaborating and focusing on literacy. Most classes have now completed the STAR assessment, so teachers are able to use the information gathered from this to work on further strategies to meet the needs of our students. The Collaborative Response Model is giving our teachers time to work together and to discuss students, so that everyone can learn and everyone can succeed.

On Thursday this week our grades 4-6 students will travel to Canyon Ski Hill once more to take part in the final ski trip for this school year. It has been a very successful program and I am trusting that Thursday will bring as much joy to our students as the other ski days have. Lots of fun, lots of learning, and lots of new and different experiences for our students. There truly has never been a better time to be in education.