Grade 4 student Kristin Forseth of the Student Lighthouse Team

Grade 4 student Kristin Forseth of the Student Lighthouse Team

Leadership skills on display at SES

SES celebrated a wonderful day on Wednesday, May 18 as we hosted Leadership Day at our school.

STETTLER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL —┬áSES celebrated a wonderful day on Wednesday, May 18. We hosted a Leadership Day at our school showcasing some of the great things that happen at SES based around our Leader-in-Me program. Many parents and community members joined us for a school assembly and tour to witness how the Leader-in-Me process happens every day within our school. Our guests enjoyed student greeters as well as student-led tours and talks through out the school and classrooms. Our guests also attended at participated in a student panel question and answer discussion. The teacher Lighthouse Team as well as the Student Lighthouse Team put a lot of work into organizing and running this day and it was a great celebration of leadership within our building.

Speaking of leadership at SES, a few students took it upon themselves to raise money for our Fort McMurray families that have temporarily moved to Stettler. We currently have four students at SES and our students and their families helped raise around $1,600 to give to these families in their time of need.

Mrs. Poapst and Mrs. Neitz are busy planning our track and field days and have sent home notes asking for parent volunteers. Please look for those and come down to help out if you are able to. The track meet dates are : Grades K and 1 June 20, Grades 2and 3 June 15, and Grades 4,5 and 6 June 18.

Our Grade 1 students had a lot of fun building Stettler. Over the past few weeks, the students have been bringing in building supplies like popsicle sticks, cardboard, cans, egg cartons, Kleenex boxes etc. to replicate a mini town of Stettler. The classes all gave their towns unique names and went around to each others’ classes to inspect the towns that their classmates had built.

Our Grade 3 classes also did some building this week and worked on building strong supportive structures that would not break or blow over in the wind. The students were not allowed to use any prebuilt structures, like cereal or Kleenex boxes. Every wall and support had to be put together using glue, tape or staples etc. The projects were very creative and the students had a lot of fun building and testing their structures.