Kinettes cover town with random acts of kindness

The Kinette Club of Stettler has taken steps to carry Kin Canada’s National Day of Kindness a little further.

Stettler Kinettes Penni Doucette (left)

Stettler Kinettes Penni Doucette (left)

The Kinette Club of Stettler has taken steps to carry Kin Canada’s National Day of Kindness a little further.

In the process, the group has given the movement a unique Stettler twist.

“We have 28 days of kindness in Stettler, rather than one,” Kinette president Allison Baird said of the first-time event.

The local group has scheduled a specific act of kindness for its members to carry out each day this month.

“It’s been really good for our members,” Baird said. “We want to give back to the community, and make more people aware of Kinettes.”

The 30-member organization began by preparing a gift-basket for the mother of the first baby born in February at the Stettler hospital.

One evening, members helped customers bag their groceries at No Frills.

“We had a great time bagging groceries,” said Jacquie Mvula, a Stettler Kinette and vice-governor of the provincial Kinette association.

Last week, the local club helped the Knights of Columbus serve a pancake lunch on Shrove Tuesday.

On another day, the Kinettes chose to buy a coffee for the person in line behind them.

“We appreciate our police officers,” was the theme one day as Kinettes delivered coffee and treats to them.

Day-care workers were shown appreciation with flowers and chocolates on another occasion.

Each time an act of kindness was performed, the recipient would receive a card saying, “You’ve been touched by a random act of kindness.”

For teacher appreciation day, the Kinettes’ children each gave a gift to their teachers.

On Valentine’s Day, members each sent a candygram to someone in the community who has been helpful. They considered it a way of saying thank-you and to recognize their good deeds.

Kinettes helped at the Family Day Carnival at the Stettler Recreation Centre, working in the food booth and operating the bouncy houses. Money made is slated to be donated to the Stettler Food Bank.

Plans for good-neighbour day are to shovel a neighbour’s sidewalk or bring them a small gift.

Other good-deed events include crafts and reading with children at the library, giving blood or working at the blood-donor clinic, playing cards with the seniors, holding the door open for people and smile day.

Among the deeds are helping deliver Meals on Wheels, painting a room at the school, picking up garbage on main street and making breakfast for “your significant other.”

During the year, the Kinettes support multiple community organizations. As a fundraiser for future support, the club hosts “Duelling Pianos,” a supper and evening of entertainment March 23. Tickets are available by calling Allison Baird at 403-740-9696.

On the final day of February, the Kinettes plan to make a pot-luck supper for a Kinsmen appreciation to honour the club for their good work in the community.

The Kinettes said they hope their acts of kindness will inspire others to do the same and have a positive impact on the community.