Kindergarten students get jump on Halloween with Pumpkin Olympics

The exciting sixth annual Kindergarten Pumpkin Olympics were held last Friday morning.

The exciting sixth annual Kindergarten Pumpkin Olympics were held last Friday morning. All of the kindergarten students and teachers were encouraged to wear orange.

The students participated in events such as Pumpkin Bowling, Jumping Jack-O-lanterns, and Witches Brew!

4SC is thrilled to once again be playing crib with the experts that live at Paragon Place. They walk to Paragon twice a month on Tuesday mornings and play for about an hour with their new friends.

Last week, they took paper ghosts with them they made for their friends for Halloween!

As they’ve just started, they’re still focusing on the basics of adding to 15, making runs and pairs, and counting to 31.

They’re so grateful that the seniors take the time to play with them and help them sharpen their math skills. Soon, they hope to learn about the skunk line!

Last week, Grade 5TA students were working on doing good deeds. They have been helping their parents around the house, recycling their bottles, helping the caretaker in the school, and donating their money and clothes to charities.

Furthermore, students in Grade 5TA are doing a letter-writing project. They’re writing letters to their Grade 6 selves, which their teacher will send to them next year.

This fits in with their Smart Learning story they are working on. Last year’s Grade 5 students can expect to receive their letters from their selves very soon.

Mrs. Andersson is sending them to the Stettler Middle School next week.

If your child needs photo retakes, they will take place on Nov. 7.

Our grades 3, 4, and 5 students have been taking swimming lessons since the middle of September and they’re all finished at the end of October.

They have been learning a lot and improving their swimming skills!

Halloween is just around the corner — tonight — and many classes celebrated by having Halloween parties. The students dressed up at lunchtime today and were permitted to remain in their costumes for the afternoon.