Jace back in the saddle

BOTHA BOOSTER -- It's that time of year all students and staff have been looking forwards to for a while.

BOTHA BOOSTER — It’s that time of year all students and staff have been looking forwards to for a while. The 2015/2016 school year ends tomorrow until the end of August, the beginning of September when the 2016/2017 school year starts up again. The staff would like to wish all the students and their families a great summer with lots of fun and see everyone back when school starts up again except the students that will be going into a higher grade and will be moving onto Stettler school next year. The Staff would also like to give a big thank you to all the parents and volunteers that helped out this past school year, without your help a lot of things could not have been activated, so thank you everyone.

Tomorrow Cody Morris will be celebrating his birthday, so happy birthday, Cody, hope you have a fantastic one.

This coming weekend is Canada Day on Friday, so hopefully everyone can get out and enjoy themselves this weekend.

Just a small update on Jace Thorsteinson, what a fantastic young man! Jace rode his good horse (Twitch) for the first time past weekend after the incident last fall. Twitch was one of the horses that took him to the pay window many times last year before the accident and helped Jace win his first trophy saddle.

This past weekend (June 18 -19) Jace entered the Gimlet Cora Rodeo, in spite of everyone thinking it was too early for Jace to do so. Gimlet however, proved everyone wrong as Jace caught and turned the calves off. This built up everyone’s confidence back as Jace did really good at this rodeo. He placed third in the 13-15 breakaway with a 4.82. Way to go, Jace! We are all very proud of you in our little community.

The Old-Thyme Dance Club would like to wish everyone a great summer and thank you for coming out and supporting our club all year. They hope to see everyone come back when the dances start up again on the last Sunday of September. For more information on when these dances will start up again or any other information, please call Doug Haustein at 403-742-3994 or John Blonski at 403-574-2197, and they will be happy to help you out. Hope to see everyone back in September.

The Botha Hall are always doing improvements to their hall, so come on out and see what’s happening. Just recently they have replaced their main doors with new ones and this summer there will be more improvements being done, so why not phone Shaun Deer at 403-742-4811 and reserve your spot for your special occasion?

Don’t forget, floor curling every Thursday at 1 p.m. just as long as the attendance keep up, they will be going all summer long. Everyone is welcome to join in this fun game, so make sure you come out and keep the attendance record up.

In closing, I would like to wish everyone a great Canada Day weekend with lots of fun and outdoor activities in spite of the mosquitos, so don’t forget your bug spray and suntan lotions. Happy Canada Day, everyone!