He is Risen!

CHRIST KING SCHOOL -- CKCS came back from March break in full force on April 4.

CHRIST KING SCHOOL — CKCS came back from March break in full force on April 4. To kick off the first week back, Mr. Tom Lademann spent the week at the school for our Embedded Tech Week. Mr. Lademann is the head of the Tech Department for East Central Catholic School Board Division. His week was full by spending a period each day in every classroom demonstrating different uses of technology in the classroom to both staff and students. In each lesson, he introduced mini-tech skills that built throughout the week. Programs such as Kahoot, Dashboard, and many Google Apps were used to do research, take effective notes, and overall enhance regular curricular lessons in the classroom. Both staff and students alike ended the week a little more confident and skilled in using the many technological tools available in our school.

Before March break, students attended the Holy Thursday celebration hosted in the CKCS gymnasium. During this solemn time, the Grade 1 class reenacted what the Last Supper would have been like, before Jesus was taken into custody and crucified. Students watched in silence as Jesus washed his disciples’ feet, and bread and wine was shared amongst them. Staff and students reflected on the sacrifice that was made on our behalf to save us from our own sin. On Friday, April 8, CKCS attended our monthly mass. In contrast to the graveness of the previous Thursday, Father Don spoke on the excitement of the Easter season, where we celebrate the rising of Jesus on the third day of Easter weekend. It is a time to truly celebrate because his love for us could not be overcome – even by death. He rendered it defeated, and rose when the stone was rolled away.

On Sunday, April 10, the CKCS Basketball Chargers met at Boston Pizza for the annual basketball season wrap up party. Put on by Coach Matt, the afternoon was filled with laughter, awards, and delicious food! A huge thank you to Coach Matt and Boston Pizza for hosting us – it was a great ending to a great season.

This week students are looking forward to many events. Our Grade 9s will be attending the orientation day at the PAC for high school. The Grade 6 class will be attending the county council meeting, and a guest speaker will be coming into the junior high classes to discuss economics including budgeting, networking, being an ideal employee and being successful after school.