Grad brings stress alongside the joy

It’s that time of year for the Stettler Wildcats.

By Leotti Carlgren

It’s that time of year for the Stettler Wildcats.

Gowns are picked through, tried on and bought, tuxedos are rented. And every hair stylists is filled with teenage girls getting trial runs of what their hair might look like. Then comes the day, more like night, where all sons and daughters walk down the aisle in the rec centre’s ice rink, all stunning, beautiful, handsome, but most importantly, just right.

Everyone is smiling as they walk to the perfect country song, they look so happy…at least that’s what they want you to believe.

When I say “they”, I mean all the school staff and students that put all their hard work and effort in to making the grad march perfect. The weeks leading to this day was a bit of a nightmare, some staff would be running here and there, Grade 12s would be running to the office window to see who was partnered with who in the march. People were measured to make sure everyone is with someone else the perfect height. Dress and tux shops were filled on some weekends. And at the end of the day everyone would go home and get as much sleep as they could. It was a stressful time, and the staff and Grade 12 students made it very clear how much stress they were under. But in the end those smiles of relief, that no one screwed up, pretty much tells you that it was worth it. But don’t think about this day as a burden. Yes there is a lot of hard work, but it always ends in happiness and that’s what really matters.

Other than Grad, there is a lot of pressure with the diplomas coming up. And yes, those awesome teachers of ours are working hard in trying to make students relax, but it’s not working. Many of the students have already started studying for their upcoming diploma exams.

Not a lot happened in sports this week. The Wildcats Track and Field team had their track meet on Wednesday May 21 and did very well.


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