Gracenotes take people to the movies

The audiences of two packed shows at the Performing Arts Centre were treated to a delightful range of Christmas movie music

The audiences of two packed shows at the Performing Arts Centre were treated to a delightful range of Christmas movie music performed by Stettler’s youth choirs, the Gracenotes, Rhapsody Girls and Tiny Tenors and Tiny Gracenotes, this past weekend.

The two shows, both on Saturday, Dec. 13, performed before packed houses, with not a free seat to be had. The children in the choirs – numbering 60 in total – put on a show featuring more than 30 songs from movies like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Frozen, Elf, and Mickey’s Christmas Carols, to name a few.

The girls and boys of the choir were dolled up in perfect holiday costumes – wispy frilly dresses, striped elf leggings, 60s poodle skirts and more – as each act was costumed to match the era and theme of the music being sung for the crowd.

Even the Grinch made a showing, trying to steal Christmas from the Gracenotes, who at times were horrified, shocked, scandalized, and forgiving of the green-skinned miser.

The youngest performers stepped forward to sing their songs, bright little elfin sprites, while the older acts had much more dancing and acting as part of the routine.

Each act was welcomed with muted applause, but as each concluded, the audience would come to life to show their appreciation with the clapping of hands.

The combination of music, dancing, and acting brought the movies from which the music were chosen to life in the minds of those present, a testament to the engaging entertainment provided by the choirs.

Though there were a few moments here and there, where someone forgot a line, or mixed up the words, Sylvester was at the front of the audience to help the girls and boys find their places.

One song saw the choirs singing in different languages, sharing the joy of Christmas with three other languages other than English.

While some songs were performed in a more formal choral setting, with singers in arranged places, others saw the singers moving across the stage, swinging their arms and snapping their fingers.

The dynamic lighting added a bit of magic to the musical evening, lighting up faces and catching every single sparkle, making them twinkle on stage.

The choirs, which meet every Monday under the tutelage of Rhonda Sylvester, has been practicing since the end of September for the Christmas show.

Focus now switches to the main performing season, which starts next year.