Good luck to candidates running in Gadsby elections

A few good days of sunshine puts everyone in better spirits, especially the farmers who have been trying to finish haying and start swathing grain.

There have been many new and different flying insects spotted this year thanks to the tropical environment.

Our own Donna Gordon was in Newfoundland visiting her daughter’s in-laws, when tropical storm Igor hit. Igor had been a class 4 hurricane before coming inland, down in the south eastern States, but thankfully had lost some speed before coming to Canada. Donna experienced the damage first hand and the power outage which was still being repaired on the weekend. Donna was unhurt and arrived back in Calgary Friday.

I, too, was unable to contact anyone in Gadsby last week to report the candidates running for council in the Village of Gadsby. They are James Pothier, Ken LaDoucuer, Jennifer Burks and Fred Entwisle. Stepping down was Sam Wilson. Good luck to all.

For the County of Stettler, Gadsby area, are Kevin Baird and Gregory Jackson, both born and raised in the Gadsby area, taking their schooling here and remaining on the family rarm to raise their families and participate in the community. Best wishes to both.

Retiring from office is Victor Carey, whom we wish well and who we knew always had the community’s best interest at heart.

A social time was held in the Gadsby church building on Saturday afternoon with a cozy group of ladies and gentlemen in attendance. One cannot help but reminisce when entering the building, noticing the pictures and artifacts exhibited around the rooms. Tea and very fancy cupcakes (thanks to Margaret and Myrt). Members of the Gadsby Heritage Society have been selling raffle tickets these past few months. Gregory Jackson, with eyes closed, was asked to draw the winning ticket out of a large container of tickets and the winner of the $1000 was Kathy Morlock.

Way to go, Kathy. More projects are in the wings.

Another landmark north of Gadsby is gone with the sale and move of Iona Berg’s mobile home on Saturday to Donalda.