Golf tournament was a great success

RUMSEY RECORD -- We got the moisture that the ground has been craving over the weekend but unfortunately some of it was in the form of hail.

Well, we got the moisture that the ground has been craving over the weekend but unfortunately some of it was in the form of hail. I hope the crops on the west side of town didn’t suffer too much. We are nice and wet here at home, so I am grateful in spite of the bit of hail we received.

The Rumsey Connection Golf tournament was held this past Thursday with great success even with the weather being a bit temperamental. There were plenty of golfers and everyone seemed to be having a great time with a delicious steak supper after the golfing. There were six teams that tied for top spot so they have a putt-off to find the winners. It was all in good fun.

Linda reported to me that Pat Holowath hosted at St. Mary’s Lodge for the June birthday party and there were three celebrants from Extended Care; Adaline Guynup, Marie Ellement and Beryl Gelinas. There were no birthdays in the lodge. Kendra Kiemele will be hosting the July birthday party on the 18th.

The Ag Society is gearing up for their sports days, which will start on July 15, 16 and 17. There are already 16 teams committed with a few on the waiting list, so that is good news. Nice to see our tournament coming into demand. There will be the usual format of lots of good ball to watch, concession run by the future 2017 Morrin Grads and their parents, Saturday supper and dance to follow with breakfast provided Saturday and Sunday morning by our local firemen and the Elks clubs. This is a great chance to come in and visit with friends and neighbours, so you don’t want to miss out.

The Rumsey library will be wrapping up their book club with the July 6 meeting of Girl Runner, which has been a great read about the first Canadian female Olympic competitors and the challenges they went through to break through the stereotypes of the fragile and frail, fairer gender. If you are looking for some good summer reading, come in and check out what the library has to offer. Keep in mind that with your library card you can travel anywhere in Alberta and use this card to get access to all that a library has to offer. If you borrow from me, you can return it somewhere else, if you borrow while traveling, bring it in to me when you are done and I will make sure it gets back to where it originated. Of course, all the online services are free to access with your membership at anytime from anywhere.

Here’s a couple you can share with the little ones in your world:

What did the buffalo say to his son when he dropped him off at school? Bison.

What do the sheep do on a hot, sunny day? Have a baa-baa-cue!