SES students (from left) Aedyn Skuce

SES students (from left) Aedyn Skuce

Global Play Day was marked at SES

Our students and staff embraced the return of colder weather last week.

Pat Johnson


Our students and staff embraced the return of colder weather last week. The children were thrilled with the fresh snowfall. During recess, they were busy building snow forts, sliding down snow piles and icy slopes. The snowstorm had transformed their playground, providing new opportunities for exercise and imaginative play.

On Wednesday, Feb. 4, our kindergarten classes celebrated the first annual Global Play Day. The students were encouraged to bring a non-battery, non-electronic toy or game to school for this special time. They had an exciting fun-filled hour of unstructured play, sharing their toys with friends in the classroom. Global Play Day was organized to raise awareness about the necessity of unstructured play for young students in schools around the world. It was a wonderful event.

Mrs. Sylvester’s Grade 1 class enjoyed comparing different objects during their measurement unit. Wednesday was especially fun, as each student brought in his or her own stuffie to compare with a friend’s favorite stuffie. The students were surprised to find out which stuffie weighed the most and which one was the lightest. They were amazed to learn how deceiving looks can be! What an enjoyable and meaningful way for students to learn how to use all the different terms of measurement.

Mrs. Hunter and Mrs. Boyd-Stadelmann’s Grade 2 classes were proud of the watercolor polar bears they were painting for an art project. Their spectacular polar bears will be displayed in the school library for all to see.

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, and to nurture the love of reading, Mrs. Baltimore, our school librarian, created a “Books We Love” tree in the library. Students chose a favorite book and wrote the title on a heart to display on the tree. Ms. Watts’ Grade 4 students were the first class to put hearts on the tree. On Friday, as the students headed home for the weekend, the tree was nearly covered with hearts.