Give Him an ‘in’ this Christmas season

FAITH & REFLECTION -- An anomaly is something that deviates from that which is considered to be standard, normal or expected. I would...

FAITH & REFLECTION —An anomaly is something that deviates from that which is considered to be standard, normal or expected. I would like to propose that the life of Christ, in this world, is one of the greatest anomalies that has ever been, or ever will be.

The Scriptures teach that Jesus created all that is (John 1:3) and that He sustains everything by His power (Colossians 1:17). Yet, when He came into His own creation, there was no room for Him. When Jesus entered this world, via the womb of a young virgin named Mary, He was “laid in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn” (Luke 2:7).

Three decades later the situation had not changed very much. Someone, eager to follow this intriguing Rabbi and take up residence with Him was told, “… the foxes have dens and the birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head.” (Matthew 8:20)

A little later on, when Jesus was challenged on His view of taxation, He had to send His disciple Peter fishing for the tax money. The remarkable account is found in Matthew 17:24 – 27 and is well worth reading.

Shortly before Jesus was crucified, He was in the garden of Gethsemane praying. His disciples, apparently suffering from mild narcolepsy, could not stay awake and keep the prayer vigil with Him, so He prayed alone (Mark 14:37, 38).

Not only did Jesus pray alone, but He stood alone. Following the solitary garden prayer meeting, He was arrested. Not only was He betrayed by His false disciple Judas, but He was abandoned by the remaining 11. When Jesus was arrested He had no friend to stand with Him, or plead for Him. Mark 14:50 records sadly and succinctly that, “everyone deserted Him and fled.”

Jesus was taken and hung cruelly upon a Roman cross. Six hours later He cried out, “It is finished” and yielded His spirit into God’s hands. There was no room in this world for Jesus.

Jesus, following His death by crucifixion, apparently had no grave to be buried in. Borrowing a cup of sugar is one thing … but a cemetery plot?! (Of course, He only needed it for three days).

Jesus, the King of the cosmos and the Creator of heaven and earth came to this planet, and there was no room for Him. Yet, He has room for us – every one of us! In John 14:2, Jesus said that He is making room for anyone who will believe in Him.

We are entering the Christmas season when it should be standard, normal or expected that we celebrate the birth of Christ. May I suggest that you give Him an “in” this Christmas?