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Gadsby local farm broken into, two of three in custody

Merchandise was stolen, but it has been recovered by local RCMP.

GADSBY/WESTWOODS NEWS -- Friday night was an active crime scene when, in the early evening between 7:15 and 9 p.m. (along highway 12 at Gadsby) it was discovered that a local farm was broken into, fuel was stolen, vehicles, garages/sheds/shops etc. were broken into and “stuff taken.” According to the RCMP there were several other reports that came in that night, same M.O.

As of Saturday night two of the three thieves are in custody and merchandise has been recovered. Very happy no one was injured as there were people home at the time of the break-ins. Good job to our local RCMP and their canine unit.

Vic and Barb Carey enjoyed a weekend with their grandchildren. Friday after school in Big Valley “Nan” and “Papa” picked up Torri and Jonah, then back to Nan and Papa’s for pizza night. They enjoyed a “cousin’s sleepover” at Uncle Wes’s that night then back to Vic and Barb’s for breakfast. A fun day at the farm with a post Easter supper that evening. Another sleepover at Uncle Wes’s before their dad Matt picked them up Sunday after brunch.

Cooper Bigney and Piper Davits were among the many Brownies that attended the weekend camping trip at Gull Lake.

Bill and Joyce Hansel headed to daughter Sue’s for a late Easter dinner on Saturday, April 22 with 23 adults and 11 children there. Then on Sunday, April 23, Bill and Joyce headed to Cadogan for Great Grandson Cameron Botting’s first birthday at parents Jeff and Kathy’s.

Get well wishes to Lavina Larson and Joe Hansel. Happy birthday to Donna Boyd-Stadelmann!