Gadsby is confident of future



(This is the third and last installment in our series looking into prospects of growth and sustainability in small communities in Stettler area.)

While the Village of Gadsby has a population of less than 50 and the smallest municipality in Alberta, the mayor and council are committed to the long-term future.

“The future of the village is that it will carry on as it is with people that want a small town to raise their children in and not be bothered by city life,” said Mayor Fred Entwisle.

“Everyone needs a place to live and if the people are willing to keep (the village municipality) going and (let council) take care of business, why wouldn’t it be viable and sustainable?”

The people and the small-town atmosphere and the closer proximity to employers are the greatest strengths of the village.

To increase the population and economic base, and to make the municipality more viable, council would consider taking steps to expand the village boundaries.

“We would like to expand the village eventually if possible but there are no plans drawn up as yet,” said Mayor Entwisle.

The fact that there are people who care how it is run and want their tax dollars to be used responsibility, makes this a viable village, he said.

“The sewer system is one project that will make this village inhabitable for the long term and we will keep working with people that have viable projects like the ball diamonds and the hobby club.”

Plans to install a sewer system and operating, upgrade some streets and clean up the town are the top priorities for council for new three-year term.

For this first year, council plans to get the sewer lift station completed and piped into the lagoon.

“These have been many years coming because of having water piped in, it has to have somewhere to go,” said Mayor Entwisle.

Just like it always has been, the village can remain viable on its own with careful spending and some volunteerism, he said.