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Gadsby centennial celebrations still resonate

Contributed photo Special seniors in Gadsby – Village of Gadsby honoured (from left) Beatrice Selinger

The totals are in for Gadsby’s 100th anniversary. There were 550 registered over the weekend. Three hundred and forty took part in the supper and on Sunday morning over 200 came for the pancake breakfast that we held in the old church building. Everyone is still talking about all the work that has been put into the church building and how good it looked for the celebration. Congratulations to the committee and workers who made this possible.

People have been asking was “so and so there?” I am going to do some name dropping here and hope I don’t miss any. There were: Craig, Samual, Glasier, Ganshirt, Rushton, Bradey, Bignell, Boyd, Hansel, Haner, Hoopfer, Reynolds, Berg, Ross, Chick, Davis, Davits, Skaley, Rhorer, Heer, Mailer, Tigner, Baker, Holwen, Miller, Strader, Cruickshank, Stewart, Schroeder, Jackson, Tuck, Goodkey, Quance, Diegel, Duris, Baird, Starling, Jerzak, Connon, Lang, Bailey, Derr, Clark, Clarke, Taggart, Andersen, Anderson, McMillan, Erichson, Walgenbach, Garland, Drinnan, Giles, Gravely, Vellow, Yucker, Rowles, Jordan, Bignell, McKay, Pratt, Haeberle, Ziegler, Booth, Coleman, Bitzer, Muncy, Baines, Neeser, Johnson, Morlock, Potter, Kirkwood, Young Stenberg, Robinson, Jensen and Van Groen to name a few. These were taken from the register and grouped into families. If I have missed your family, give me a call.

The next event to make on your calendar will be the monthly supper of the Gadsby District Hobby Club on Sept. 18, followed by the cash Bingo. More details to follow.

Congratulations to Travis Quance and Alisha Coleman Quance, who were married Aug. 21 in Waterton, Alberta with 70 friends and family to witness the ceremony. Standing up for Travis were brother Trey (best man), Kent McKenzie, Andrew Boys and Tyler Long. Alisha’s bridesmaids were Kaileigh Campbell, Kari Wilson, Chelsey Nelson, Stephanie Drake. Parents of the bride were Geoff and Sandra Coleman, grandparents Yvonne Coleman and Marlene Borne, all formerly of Gadsby. Parents of the groom were Dwight and Iva Lee Quance, Gadsby; grandmother Dorothy Stewart. Special mention to Iva Lee’s only aunt and uncle, who attended, Jack and Lila Shupe of Medicine Hat and lifetime friend of Iva Lee’s mother Alice and Dave Morris of Cochrane, Alberta.

The following Saturday, Aug. 28, an open house and dance were held at the Stettler Community Center with 200 more than in attendance. Best wishes to the happy couple.

Guests at the Percy Heer home, following the Decoration Day services were Inez (Skaley) and Doug Baldwin, Doug and Shirley McKay, Alan and Vi Coultis, Keith and Glennys Adrian, Iona Berg, Curtis and Christy Wideman and family, some of which had been camping and staying at the farm. Keith and Glennys remained and spent a week with Percy and Paulette and also visited Dale and Eldon Van Straten at their home.