From voice to drama, students step up for festival

The Stettler Elementary School’s Show Choir celebrated another great year of music making on Monday with their “Awards and Ice Cream

Seth Baird

Seth Baird

The Stettler Elementary School’s Show Choir celebrated another great year of music making on Monday with their “Awards and Ice Cream Sundae Party.”

Eighteen students received an engraved trophy for their dedicated participation in Show Choir for all of grades 4 and 5. All students received a certificate.

The year ended with 56 enthusiastic choir members. Thanks to all the parents who contributed ingredients for ice cream and the staff for pitching in musically.

Mrs. Ecklund’s Grade 3 class is studying animal life cycles in science. For their first animal project, they’re watching the live streaming video of the Edmonton Journal goose cam.

Edmonton Journal photographer Bruce Edwards has run the goose cam for the past six years and on April 1, the Canada goose, nicknamed Patience, and her mate returned to a bale stack outside of Edmonton. They have laid five eggs in their nest and the goslings will hatch in about a month.

The students in 3GE will be making daily observation notes and drawings as they learn about the life cycle of the Canada goose.

The Choral Speech section of the festival took place April 18. Stettler Elementary has a Choral Speech Club for grades 4 and 5. That begins in January and the students spend two recesses a week practising.

The club is under the direction of Mrs. Donna Boyd-Stadelmann and Mrs. Sonya Geddes. The club was thrilled to have Mr. Devon McMann help this year.

The Grade 4s prepared “Horton Hatches the Egg” by Dr. Seuss as a Choric Drama. This is a poem that has props, costumes and characters.

The Grade 5s chose a group scene, a duologue or a solo piece to present. The adjudicator praised all the groups for being well- prepared and presenting entertaining scenes.

On April 23 and 24, the Choral Speech Club presented its scenes at a Dinner Theatre, where the rest of the school came out to watch.

Two groups received special recognition from the Stettler and District Music Festival Association. Kyla Hansel, Daylan Kuefler and Ryan Shirley performed “50 Below Zero,” by Robert Munsch at the grand concert on Tuesday evening.

The 2AH (Annette Hunter’s class) and 2DB (Donna Boyd-Stadelmann’s class) were also in the festival and received a provincial recommendation.

Those two classes will be travelling to Edmonton at the end of May to represent the Stettler and District Music Festival at the Alberta Provincial Speech Festival. They will present “Mrs. Stein” by Bill Dodds and “Windy Nights” by Robert Louis Stevenson. Congratulations to all the students involved in Choral Speech at Stettler Elementary School.

The kindergarten kids had a wonderful day building birdhouses alongside their moms and dads, grandpas, and a couple uncles, too.

The birdhouse-building was done in the high school shop under the instruction of Mr. Gord Goodrich. It took place on Tuesday and Thursday night. The children and their family members enjoyed cookies and juice for snack. It was a lot of fun for everyone who attended.

Mrs. Sylvester’s class enjoyed visiting the residents at Heritage House and Pine Ridge a few weeks ago. The students were able to entertain the residents with their music festival piece “Princess Pat.” The students then read a story to each resident. Lastly, the students were able to ask the seniors some questions about when they were children. The answers were a wonderful start to the students’ new social unit, “Changes in My World.” Thanks for having us!

Last Wednesday was administrative assistant day. In honour of that, the staff at SES would like to say a huge thank-you to Mrs. Leila Ternes and Ms. Patti Sawula for all their hard work throughout the year. These ladies make our office a warm and inviting place, as well as keep our building running smooth and efficiently.