Friendship in the air at CKCS

The CKCS Chargers faced off against the Erskine Extremes on Feb. 11.

Elli Anderson & Abbey Bohn,

Grade 8 Students


The CKCS Chargers faced off against the Erskine Extremes on Feb. 11. The girls’ team played with lots of adrenaline and spirit, only losing by a few baskets in the end. The boys also played to the best of their abilities and were able to keep the game close in score. Both teams are gearing up for the CARA tournament on Feb. 20 at SMS.

On Feb. 13, the Grade 2 class led the friendship celebration just in time for Valentine’s Day. Beginning with the song “Friends are like Flowers”, the Grade 2 class presented reasons why it is so important to be thankful for our friends. Each grade was tasked with brainstorming what friendship meant to them. Each class wrote their ideas on a petal of a flower, and the Grade 2s put the flower together and hung it in the foyer afterwards. It was a great start to the Valentine weekend.

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, many religion classes covered the origin of the holiday. The day originated in honour of Saint Valentine, a Roman priest who aided Christians, who were being persecuted during the time. He is particularly well known for marrying Christian couples. He was arrested and imprisoned, and later beheaded on Feb. 14.

Friday was also the spirit day for Valentine’s Day. CKCS staff and students came dressed in the holiday colours and gear. It was a perfect start to the many Valentine’s celebrations that took place on that day as well.

Many classes celebrated their 100th day at school last week as well. Students had lots of fun dressing in 100th day clothing, and participating in 100th day oriented games and activities. Congrats to all CKCS students who have had a wonderful and successful first 100 days of school.

CKCS staff and students hope that everyone had a great long weekend, and a wonderful Family Day.

Stay tuned Stettler.