French is now audible at SES

SES had their monthly assembly to celebrate all the successes from the month and recognize student leaders that are nominated by teachers.

On Friday, SES had our monthly assembly to celebrate all the successes from the month and recognize the student leaders that are nominated by teachers. Our assemblies are always a lot of fun and a great way for our whole school to get together and recognize the wonderful things that happen at our school on a daily basis.

Mrs. Hunter’s Grade 2 class welcomed a new student this week from Saskatchewan. His name is Nkosi and we are very happy to have him join our school.

We are excited that Mrs. McDonald is starting up a French club in our school for our Grade 5 and 6 students. She will be will be starting on Feb. 8 and covering topics such as conversational language, introductory vocabulary, games, and culture. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students. C’est Bon!

Mrs. Ruddell’s Grade 6 class did a good deed this month and donated their recycling money to the band kids. This money will help pay for the band to go to New Orleans in May.

On Monday and Tuesday last week, we had several of our Grade 2 and 3 teachers attend a workshop on Daily 5, which is a Language Arts program. The teachers came back with a wealth of excellent information and are very excited to implement what they learned into their classrooms.

Our after-school basketball camp is well under way and the kids are really enjoying it and learning some foundational basketball skills.

Mrs. Syson’s Grade 6 science class had a guest speaker come to her class on Thursday. Mr. Dale Brown teaches welding at Wm. E Hay Secondary Campus and he is also an experienced pilot. Mr. Brown brought in a model airplane to show the kids and talk about the functions of a plane and show in more detail about how and what makes a plane fly. He also brought some videos to show planes in flight as well as how planes are made. Air and aerodynamics is a topic covered in the Grade 6 science curriculum. The students enjoyed having Mr. Brown visit their room.