Former Stettler resident and published author Faye Holt donates her books to SES

Stettler Elementary School had many great fun and exciting activities during the past week.

Former resident and published author

Former resident and published author

STETTLER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL — Stettler Elementary School had many great fun and exciting activities during the past week. With February being a month of kindness (Valentine’s Day, Random Acts of Kindness, Pink Shirt Day), grades 3 and 4 decorated their hallway with a sea of coloured hearts. The hearts were created with words and phrases to encourage kindness, friendship, and leadership. They also decorated the hallway, which looks fabulous and has created a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We also had some Grade 6 students organize a Valentine’s Day Dance for students in grades 4-6 and many of the students reported having an amazing time. Those who did not want to participate were invited to play games with a supervisor in the classrooms. On Valentine’s Day many of our classes held parties and there was lots of fun and food throughout the school.

Grade 4BL has been walking to Paragon Place every two weeks since mid-November to play crib with a few seniors there. As a Random Act of Kindness, the students created over 90 handmade Valentine’s Day cards to give to all of the residents of Paragon Place on behalf of Stettler Elementary School. The cards were used to brighten up the dining tables during the special candlelit supper that Paragon residents enjoyed on Valentine’s Day.

On Wednesday, Feb. 22, the vast majority of staff and students dressed in their finest pink as a promise to promote healthy relationships and to stand up against bullying. There is strong support to end bullying throughout the school and town and seeing so many wearing pink was a positive reminder of that. Also on that day, the school board came to visit our school and held a meeting with all staff after school as they were looking for feedback on a variety of issues.

On Friday, Feb. 24, we had Penguin Day for the kindergarten students and it was also the Subway Hot Lunch Day. During that afternoon we held our monthly assembly and many students and student groups were celebrated on that day. On Monday, Feb. 27, 2017, our Grade 5 and 6 students hosted mini-basketball games after school for schools in the surrounding area. The teams all had fun and again were able to take advantage of the skills that they have been learning.

Other exciting news included former Stettler resident and author, Faye Reineberg Holt, stopping into our school to donate six of her books. All of these books depict various aspects of life growing up on the Prairies. These books are full of fabulous pictures and explanations that will spark our students’ imagination and understanding of the life of Western Canada’s settlers. On behalf of SES, Mrs. Baltimore is delighted to accept this most generous donation, and we extend our most heartfelt gratitude.