First fun activity in new semester is “Much Music Dance”


Wildcat Corner

We would like to welcome students back to a new semester.

On Tuesday, Feb. 1, most of the buses were not running, due to the weather, so a lot of the students started their new semester on Wednesday. We would like to say good-bye to Kayla Fedor and we would like to welcome back Barbara Lynn-Goodwin to the English Department.

Coming up on Feb. 11, the students’ union is hosting a “Much Music Dance.” For those who haven’t been to a much music dance, the dj’s bring large screens to play the videos along with great fun and prizes. We hope to see you all there; it is going to be lots of fun.

The students, who are going on their upcoming exchanges, are very excited and are counting down the days.

Our next day off is on Feb. 21, Family Day, and we all like a good day off.

Good luck to all students in their new semester.