FCSS plans children’s activities for Halkirk playground

Looking for things to do for your children, Family and Community Support Services has children activities at the playground in Halkirk

Looking for things to do for your children, Family and Community Support Services has children activities at the playground in Halkirk on Monday mornings and on Wednesdays.

Contact the FCSS office for more details.

Congratulations to Dennis and Doris Cordel, who celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last Sunday with a yard party.

On hand to celebrate were their children: Corrine, Jason, Adrian and Cassandra and Rae-anne, as well as their grandsons Blade and Dawson.

Siblings Don and Kjerene, Dianne and Stuart, Gordon, Deirdre and Ron, as well as other relatives and friends , stopped to visit.

Doris had her wedding dress and Dennis had his tie (it still fits) on display, as well as an itemized list of all the expenses from their wedding on July 8, 1972. Costs have certainly gone up.

Jacquie and Paul Dietrich has Jacquie’s mom, Elsie Anderson, visiting with them from Sydney, B.C.

Stan and Dorothy Anderson were among the many family and friends that attended the 90th birthday party for Natalie Hewitt in Castor on Sunday.

Thanks to the Airey family, who donated their “tips” at the ice cream stand to the Halkirk Senior Centre.

Have you got your history book? You can purchase them from the Halkirk snack shack or the post office.

As we talk to our neighbours about who came to the Halkirk centennial reunion, and who did not, it’s obvious that everyone didn’t get to see everyone.

Here is a list of a few of the senior-plus age groups who visited our community on the centennial weekend.

From Castor were Violet (Schaffner) Turre, Collette (Cordel) Fetaz, Don and Shirley Emmett, Albert and Kay (Hauser) Brown, Shirley (Bird) Brodersen, Charlie and Cathy Schaffner and Rose (Neilson) High.

Also visiting were Roy Tomlinson of Lethbridge, Jack Fowler of Brooks, Raymond Farnalls, Maxine Taylor, David Engel, Wynn Johnson and Doug Broome all of Calgary, Marjorie (Wiltse) Baker of Penhold, Orest and Mary (Anderson) Schur and Elsie Steinwand of Lacombe, Lydia (Bitterman) Doan, Paul and Beth (Haeberle) Thibault, Bill and Alice Rowland and Emma Maude Sandall, all of Red Deer.

Orville Sandall and Neil Fawcett were here from California and Cecial Bird came from Australia. Mary (Brodersen) Wiltse was here from Drayton Valley, Lennice (Wiltse) Gamroth from Fort Saskatchewan and Jim and Eunice (Wiltse) Campion came from Coronation.

Also visiting were Barb, Ivan and Edna DesJardine of Edmonton, Delbert and Ruby Jolly from Boyle, Doug and Gwen Matier from Forestburg, Ernie and Dianne Ronalds and Marg (Hronek) Sorensen, all of Hanna, and Agnes Sorensen from Endiang.

Vera Airey, Harold and Velma (Emmett) Chick, Fern Borgel, Jim Duncan, Barbara Schilling, Sarah (Rowland) Cordel, Hattie (Seidlitz ) Reed, Margret (Seidlitz ) Burr and Herman Seidlitz, Gene and Darlene (Anderson) Derr, and Clara Sorensen were all here from Stettler.

So if you met up with other guests in the 65-plus age group, give me a call for next week’s paper. There were too many folk in the younger age group to remember, but it was great to see you all. Please stop in again.

Oops — missed the Capital Power office that was open during the centennial. They had wind farm information and giveaways.


Aug. 25 – Halkirk Elks annual bull-a–rama. Mark it on your calendar.