Families gather on road for Mother’s Day dinner

The dry winds have caused new concerns in the countryside. A total fire ban is in effect for the County of Stettler.

The dry winds have caused new concerns in the countryside. A total fire ban is in effect for the County of Stettler.

Amy Kobi had a frightening experience last Monday when wind fuelled a dormant brush burn from March. With the help of Neal Walgenbach, Ross Knight, Max Potter and Troy Walgenbach, and the timely help of the Lone Pine Hutterite Colony water trucks, a potentially bad situation was avoided.

Bonnie and Stan Quance enjoyed a weekend in Cardston at the horse show.

Bill and Joyce Hansel and Velvet Nickerson were among the parents, grandparents and great-grandparents cheering on Shaya and Cooper. So cute to watch the little ones playing soccer.

Gloria and Stan Diegel enjoyed watching grand-daughters Sadie and Sophie at their dance recital at the PAC Centre on Saturday.

On Sunday, for Mother’s Day, Gloria and Stan accompanied Greg and Richelle Skocdopole to Red Deer for the annual antique show and sale at the Westerner.

Percy and Paulette Heer had a busy Mother’s Day weekend. On Saturday night, they were invited to son John and Jewel Heers’ place for a barbecue/movie night.

On Sunday, it was Mother’s Day dinner at Heart Haven Lodge, with mom Iona Berg, then on to Three Hills for supper with daughter Christy and Curtis Wideman, Clayton and Josie (Matthew was away, playing soccer in Lethbridge).

Helene Heier was joyfully surprised when daughter Ingrid and her husband and two boys arrived Saturday night, spending Mother’s Day and Monday with Helene.

Daughter Edna and Alex Taggart, along with daughter Lisa and family, joined mom Bertha Bible in Heart Haven on Sunday.

Barb and Vice Carey enjoyed Mother’s Day supper in Stettler, with their family.

Because of the long weekend and everyone busy, and not enough helpers, there will be no bingo this month at the bank building. Bingo will resume June 15.

Word has come of the passing of Frances (Quance) Wilde. Frances, along with her older siblings Mel Quance, Gladys Payne, Verna Stenberg, Bernice Long and Lorna McKay, grew up north of Gadsby, attending school in Gadsby.

Funeral services will be held in Edmonton this week. Sincere sympathies to her family, the Long family, as well as the Quance, McKay, Payne and Stenberg families, all of which call Gadsby home.

Frank and Eleanor Dahlgren had Mother’s Day breakfast at The Otherside restaurant in Stettler, and then moved on to the Kobis’ place for Chinese food for supper.

Last week, Eleanor attended the bridal shower for Megan Hurlburt, bride-elect of Tanner Walgenbach, in Stettler, with a large crowd of well-wishers.

At the head table were Megan, her mother, her sister-in-law, and soon to be mother-in-law Pat Walgenbach.

— Gadsby/Westwoods