Exciting curling tournament sees 16 team battle on rink

Another week of nice winter weather. It’s always nice when the weather is cooperative during the bonspiel curling week.

Another week of nice winter weather. It’s always nice when the weather is cooperative during the bonspiel curling week. The bulk of the activity in the community this week centered around the curling rink. 16 rinks battled for first place and wound up on Saturday evening, just before the supper at 6 p.m. The foursome of Jack Dawson won the first place with Tim Primrose coming second place. The Dawson rink were presented with Morrin award by Gwen Hampton, who is one of ‘our’girls.

Taking third in the first event was David Sengaus rink and fourth was won by Al Gorman rink of Three Hills. The Dawson rink is also from Three Hills.

In the second event, first place was won by Ian Michie, second Kent Holowath, third Eldon McCrindle, from Byemoor. and fourth Allen Hampton.

Third event; 1. Brian Mose, 2. Tracy Nelson, 3. Dave Webster, 4. Cargill rink which was Kevin Helmer.

The first team out of the ‘spiel was Brookes Watts, who is also the curling co-ordinator for the curling club.

Recognition was given for all the hard work put in by the volunteers for the bonspiel. Prize committee, Sherry Griffith,, Carol Wilkins, Judy Stoneman, Dereck Krywcun are to be commended on the beautiful prizes gathered together for the winners to pick a prize from.

Mark McNaughton is the president of the Ag. Society this year and has done a fine job of coordinating all the renovations that have been done in the hall. The new face lift is very refreshing.

The draw master is Dave Sengaus and will be taking the entries for the upcoming ladies’ bonspiel Feb. 8-13. His number is 368-2457.

Caretakers of the Agri-plex. and that includes the ice surface, is Doug Hodge and Tim Primrose who spend most of their waking hours at the rink.

The supper that was prepared for the curling banquet was just about perfect. It was flavour abound. Deeelliicious.

Following the presentations of the prizes, the winners of the ‘super league curling held in November and December were presented with jackets in memory of Beulah and Aubrey Hodge by the Hodge grandchildren. They went to the team of Jim Krywcun and his two sons, Dereck and Dallas and Jim Taylor.

Jan. 31 was not a ‘church’ Sunday for the Morrin United Church. The next service will be Sunday, Feb. 7 at 10:30 a.m. when Rev. Mervyn and Marilyn Penfound will be in attendance. The third Sunday of February, 22, will be the day of the annual meeting of the Morrin United Church, which will be held following the service and lunch. Reports for the annual meeting should be in by Feb. 7, if possible.

Friends of Ed Johnson surprised him with a birthday cake and visit on the occasion of his 70th birthday, on Feb. 1. Congratulations, Ed. Another birthday milestone will be celebrated this week as Leonard Richmond turns 80.

Friday, Jan. 29, funeral services were held in the Rumsey community hall for Tom Richmond. Tom was born and raised in this area, having farmed just northwest of town where he raised some prize horses. A few short years ago, Tom and Jean moved to Trochu where they enjoyed their new house. Tom’s health failed rapidly and soon he spent a lot of time in care facilities. At the time of his passing, he was a resident in the Trochu Health Care Center. Tom was remembered by a great number of people who attended the service. His grandchildren played a big part in the service which was led by Pat Dyson of the Trochu United Church.

Lunch was abundantly prepared by the neighbours of the Richmond’s in the Northwest Corner Club, of which, Jean was a member when they lived here on the farm. The weather on the day of the funeral was very cooperative for travelling as folks and family members came from Brooks, Red Deer, Stettler and many places in between. Internment was held in the Rumsey cemetery.