Erskine School parent council has just one new face

The weather finally warmed up during the weekend to get farmers back in their fields. Sunday’s rain didn’t help with the harvesting, as farmers are anxious to get back in their fields and bring those crops in.

Tuesday night brought parents to Erskine School for a goal setting and open house. For parents to meet teachers and students to show their parents the goals that they have set for themselves to accomplish for the year.

Sept. 30 is national Terry Fox Run day for Erskine students.

Erskine school held their student body elections this month and those who were elected in was president Carlie Armstrong, vice-president Amanda Gardner, treasurer Jessie Anderson, and social convener Cole Nixon.

Parent council stayed the same this year with the exception of a new treasurer. So the parent council for 2010-2011 goes as follows: President, Tara Heintz, vice-president Calvert Haustein with Lisa Robertson as the new treasurer, and Jodi McCord as secretary. The next parent council meeting will be held Oct. 26.

Birthday wishes go out to Chad Bauman Sep 29, Murray Bauman Sep 30, Darby O’Neil Oct 1, Dale Barclay Oct 3 and Jeff Tait Oct 4.