Erskine and Nevis residents receive county awards – Erskine Enquirer

The Stettler County Awards Night was held this past weekend in Nevis. Some of our fellow community members received awards that night. Clint and Sherry Marshall were awarded the Erskine Community Service Award, Mark and Jennifer Higgins were awarded the County of Stettler, Stettler Dodge Community Service Award. Earl and Dorothy Marshall were awarded the Nevis Community Service Award and Wilda Gibbons, a former teacher at Nevis received the ATCO Electric County of Stettler Arts, Culture, and Heritage Award for her countless hours of helping out at the Stettler Museum. Congratulation to all of our members on their awards and thanks for all the hours of service you give to our communities.

Last week, the Big Valley girls’ and boys’ teams came to Erskine to play basketball. Our Erskine girls won their game while our Erskine boys were upset by the Big Valley boys.

Friday, Jan. 28, grades five through nine starts curling.

Erskine mixed “Skin Cash” spiel is this Friday and Saturday, Jan. 28 and 29. If there is still room, all interested teams can call the rink to enter at 742-5073.

Monday, Jan. 31 is PD day for teachers and a semester break for students. This year’s professional development for teachers is a session entitled “All kinds of minds.”

Erskine boys hosted a basketball tournament this past weekend and invited Alix, Delburne, Bashaw, and Castor’s Gus Wetter school. Erskine played well and came in third.

Birthday wishes go out to Joey Standage Jan. 27, Victor Titus Jan. 27, Coralie Volker Feb. 1, and Brett Coleman Feb. 1.