End of summer and harvest time is here

Another beautiful summer weekend has come and gone and there aren't very many left.

Beautiful entries made this year’s garden show in Rumsey another success.

Beautiful entries made this year’s garden show in Rumsey another success.

Rumsey Record

Another beautiful summer weekend has come and gone and there aren’t very many left. Labour Day weekend is next and marks the end of lazy days, late mornings for the kids, and back to the hustle and bustle of schedules, alarm clocks and backpacks full of homework and assignments. These cooler days also mark the start of harvest. One of my sons was noticing that a big farmer near us had pulled out his harvest equipment in preparation and he had nine combines plus all the tractor trailer units to haul the grain, augers, grain storage facilities, grain trailers and tractors needed to haul the grain from the combine to the B-train parked at the edge of the field, swathers; etc; the list goes on. I wish we could show the urban consumer what all goes into that loaf of bread that they want. One of those combines is worth as much or more than their home in the city. Listen to me on my soap box, okay, stepping down now…

The Rumsey ladies went over to Trochu to St. Mary’s Lodge on August 18 and, with Dariel McNaughton hosting and three of her grandchildren helping to serve, she served out a delicious cake to all the lodge members and guests. They celebrated five birthdays in extended care: Margo Henning, Lou Frere, Mary Chambers, Marie Kubinec and Audrey Smith. In the lodge, there were only three birthdays; Mabel Wilkinson, Dick Vickery and Mary Scheibles.

The Garden Show was a big success with lots of entries. I will have the results for you next week as this column had to be submitted prior to the end of the show. The roof of the curling rink is continuing to progress. All the felting and strapping is in place so I think the next step will be putting up the tin. Take the time to drive by and see their progress. It will be nice when it is all done and the building is secure for another 30 years.

I have enclosed a riddle and a joke this week, so enjoy:

There was a green house.

Inside the green house there was a white house

Inside the white house there was a red house.

Inside the red house there were lots of babies.

Answer: A Watermelon.

A woman’s garden is growing beautifully but the darn tomatoes won’t ripen. There’s a limit to the number of uses for green tomatoes and she’s getting tired of it. So she goes to her neighbor and says, “Your tomatoes are ripe, mine are green. What can I do about it?’’ Her neighbor replies, “Well, it may sound absurd but here’s what to do. Tonight there’s no moon. After dark go out into your garden and take all your clothes off. Tomatoes can see in the dark and they’ll be embarrassed and blush. In the morning they’ll all be red, you’ll see.’’ Well, what the heck? She does it. The next day her neighbor asks how it worked. “So so,’’ she answers, “The tomatoes are still green but the cucumbers are all four inches longer.’’