Elementary students learn about electricity

Stacking up well – Maria Miller

Stacking up well – Maria Miller

AMORE du TOIT/Elementary News

“Electrifying” is a good word to describe the past week. On Friday, May 6, all of the K-5 students had the opportunity to watch a special safety presentation brought to our school by ATCO Energy Theatre. This theatrical presentation was entitled, “Power Game with the Blue Flame” and the students used their “brain power” to assist Blue Flame in beating “Carmen Monoxide “ and “Rocket Socket – electrical bolt” in the power game.

Through this process, the students learned about electricity, atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, conductors, insulators, natural gas, renewable and non-renewable resources, and many other concepts. The most important thing that students learned about was staying safe. This was truly an electrifying educational event.

On the same day Denyse Boyd, Annette Hunter, Sonya Geddes and Rachelle van Ringen joined Susan Close, the founder of SmartLearning in Drayton Valley to train teachers in the Wild Rose School Division. Mrs. Boyd and Mrs. Hunter held a “Getting started with SmartLearning” session for K-2 teachers while Mrs. Geddes and Mrs. van Ringen held a getting started with SmartLearning for teachers of grades 2-5.

Mrs. van Ringen and her Grade 3 class would like to thank Amanda Bosma for bringing in her crystal collection to share with the class. The students found the presentation and discussion very interesting after having studied the rocks and minerals unit in science. Each student was thrilled to choose one special crystal as a keepsake at the end of the presentation.

The cup stacking club had a final meeting, celebrating accomplishments during our year. Receiving speed awards, were Jacqueline Foley for the 3-3-3 stack, Maria Miller, for the 3-6-3 stack, and Hannah Osborne for the cycle stack.

Receiving most improved awards were Maria Miller for the 3-3-3 stack, Abby Collard for the Cycle stack and Kalysta Miller for the 3-6-3 stack.

Participation awards for consistent attendance at the cup stacking club went to Garrett Hogg, Rachelle Vogel, Cassidy Dubber, Jessica Sweeting, Kristina Spidel, Katie Behr, Melissa Smith, Jordyn Hansel, and Robyn Yaremcio.

Teresa Anderson did a great job in keeping the students motivated and excited about cupstacking.

Karen Rachar’s Grade 3 students have been learning about India. Mr. Lynch, the father of one of the students, has just come back from a trip to India. Last Friday, he came to the Grade 3 classroom to show the many pictures he had taken while on his trip. The presentation was very interesting, and the children learned a lot about the culture of India.

Our kindergarten students also did a fabulous job in singing for their moms at the Mother’s Day tea.

The words of the song: Moms are special, Moms are nice are definitely true.