Easter Sunday sunshine, a good break for all travellers

Easter weekend was met with some nasty winter weather. Driving was hazardous Friday and Saturday, but finally the sun shone on Sunday.

GADSBY/WESTWOODS NEWS — Easter weekend was met with some nasty winter weather. Driving was hazardous Friday and Saturday, but finally the sun shone on Sunday. We were surprised when driving west out of Stettler on Sunday, no snow west of Erskine.

Percy and I attended the 65th wedding anniversary celebration for Allen and Lillian Kaufman at the Lutheran Church on Saturday, April 8. This was held at the St. Peter Lutheran Church in Stettler with a full house of family and friends all there to congratulate them. Allen grew up in the Westwoods district, a few miles north of the centre. Allen and Lillian’s four children were there as were Allen’s brother David and sister Grace. The Raddis family was represented as well with Allen’s cousin in attendance.

Congratulations to Charlee Derr and partner Carter who received gold and “most promising” for their dance duo in Vermilion last weekend.

Donna McKay and the Heartland Belles were off to Red Deer for dinner and fellowship with friends who “also wear Red hats.”

Bailey Heer was among the wee friends who helped Lincoln Robinson celebrate her sixth birthday on Friday, April 14. Games, gifts, goodies and a pretend sleepover with sleeping bags, popcorn and a movie were all part of the party. Happy birthday Lincoln!

Easter travel included Percy and Paulette heading to Three Hills on Sunday to daughter Christy and Curtis Wideman’s for deep fried turkey dinner. Also there were Christy and Curtis’ family; their son Matthew home from Ambrose College bringing a friend, Russell as well. Matt’s girlfriend Beth was unable to attend; son Clayton and his girlfriend Tiana were there as were daughter Josie Wideman, exchange student “Rocky” from Hong Kong and his sister Michelle who is living in Calgary. They were joined later by close friends, Rob and Karletta Muchinsky and their family.

Percy and Paulette had enjoyed Saturday, April 15 colouring Easter Eggs with granddaughters Hannah and Bailey (and mom Jewel) then heading over to John and Jewel’s for Chinese supper and a movie.

Gloria and Stan Diegel, along with Jim and Dixie Skocdopole, started their weekend with a birthday party for daughter Richelle at Greg and Richelle’s. Gloria surprised Richelle with her traditional mom-to-daughter birthday cake. Next day it was Easter Sunday at Gloria and Stan’s with all the family there except Wade who had to work. Dinner carried over into supper and a fun family day for all.

Tom and Angela Bigney and girls, Haley and Nick and girls, Kyle and Leigha were all out at Fred and Velvet’s on Sunday for Easter dinner. Gramma and Grampa’s annual Easter egg hunt was the highlight of the day.

Bill and Joyce Hansel attended a surprise birthday party for Kathy Tuck at Larry and Kathy’s on Saturday night. All of Kathy’s family and a house full of family and friends were in attendance. A special Happy Birthday to Kathy. Bill and Joyce headed to Stettler to Carl and Grace Krautt’s on Monday to help Grace celebrate her birthday.