Easter gatherings prove popular

Easter is a time to celebrate with family and friends. And the weather was excellent this past week.

Easter is a time to celebrate with family and friends. And the weather was excellent this past week.

Bill and Joyce Hansel drove to Erskine to enjoy a family Easter dinner at daughter Sue and Brad Bauman’s place, with 17 family members, including grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Great-grandaughter Mackenna Hansel stayed three days with Grandma and Grandpa before Easter.

Best wishes to Gordie and Shirley Reynolds, who moved into Spruce Terrace condos in Stettler last Saturday. They had a great crew of young people helping and the evening ended with an Easter supper for all.

Easter Sunday Percy and Paulette Heer took mom Iona Berg out for Chinese dinner in Stettler. Joining them was Jeanne Beisel. The afternoon was spent playing canasta. On Monday, Barry and Lorna Brown joined them at the farm for a pleasant afternoon.

Barb and Vic Carey were home for Easter weekend. Barb earned a weekend pass from the Glenrose Hospital in Edmonton and they were thrilled to spend a family Easter Sunday with them on the farm.

Jim and Ethel Baird celebrated Easter with daughter Lynn and Doug Potter at Lauren and Clint Saruga’s place. They’re close friends of the family who live near the Potters. Jim and Ethel enjoyed a house full with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Gloria and Stan Diegel hosted Easter Sunday dinner, with all the family home for the day. Greg and Richelle Skocdopole and family, Arden and Deanne and girls, Tasha and Aaron Corel and family and … Wade and Ybiett came home from hospital with new baby Isabella, which was a thrill for Jasmine, Kassandra and Elijah, who have been staying with Auntie Richelle and Uncle Greg.

Happy Birthday to Greg Skocdopole. Stan and Gloria helped his family celebrate last Monday evening.

Birthday greetings also to Joe Hansel, who celebrated last Wednesday. Joining Joe and Maxine were Bernard and Lois Garland, Gordie and Shirley Reynolds, Harry and Doreen Martin, as well as Bill and Joyce Hansel.

Mark April 20 for the next cash bingo at the Bank Building. Doors open at 7 p.m. The loonie pot is growing.

We were saddened to hear of the passing of two great ladies who were part of our community, even though they did not live here.

We mourn the loss of Rose Vallet, who attended bingo here as often as possible and was a supporter of Westwoods, and Ida Bailey, who sold many books of tickets for the Gadsby Omega Circle and supported the Omega for decades.

Both ladies were in their late 90s and will be missed by all in our community.