Don’t miss STARS ride this Sunday

Welcome back to the work week, everyone, I hope you had a wonderful long weekend.

Welcome back to the work week, everyone, I hope you had a wonderful long weekend.

Big Valley celebrated their 100th year with their homecoming this long weekend and it was a great success. There were large crowds from Friday to Monday morning. I was able to see most of my classmates from many years ago but considering our class was so small we joked about having the reunion in the women’s washroom but that would leave Darcy and Steven out. Ah, that’s what you get with a small town.

We had gone up on Saturday night to watch the very impressive fireworks display and my son, who stayed home, heard some weird banging and popping sounds; went out to investigate and could see the whole show from the hill top behind our house. Now that is impressive because we live a fair ways south of Big Valley and not that high up either.

The roof repair project is back on track. Kent is happy to report that removal of shingles will start this Wednesday, so expect a call from an Ag Society member and it will continue on until done. The work will be going through the weekend, so anyone that owes their days to a paying boss can check in on the weekend to the Ag Society’s project and give a little effort onto the roof repair. The Ag Society will appreciate anyone who is able to contribute any amount of time and in any other way. I think Dariel McNaughton and Jill Holowath will probably be phoning around to organize lunches and coffee snacks for the days that the people are working on the roof as well so if you can help there, give those ladies a call.

The STARS 25th annual ride is set to go this Sunday down at the TL Bar Ranch so plan to attend that with or without your horse. There is lots happening. The organizers have planned new routes this year. The poker rally will be out on the trail ride and a shorter regular one in camp. The staggered departure time between 10 a.m. and noon will hopefully help to reduce group sizes and avoid risk of incidences with horses acting up and overcrowding. Jill Brodie will perform with her super smart dogs and duck show. There will be a silent auction running throughout the day, I am not privy to what is available in the auction, so you will just have to go see. The Quilt raffle will also give you a chance to take something home. There are many prizes up for offer: color TV, $250 gift certificate from Fresen Bros IGA, Central Alberta Prairie Steam Train tickets for two, $100 meat package and BBQ tool set, gift basket from Central Alberta Co-op and Framed Pencil sketch of the coolie and horses from Lee Cawiezel and, of course, one of Joanne Richmond’s beautiful quilts.

Doris Daley, a cowboy poet and Eli Barsi, a country music singer will be on hand in the afternoon to entertain the crowds so bring your lawn chairs and sit awhile. Ray Duff may be there during the morning providing the music, so let’s hope he does. The food list looks equally impressive with the Rumsey fire department serving up breakfast, a hot dog lunch supplied by Gooch’s Gang (not sure of the spelling there), and a roast beef supper supplied by the Country Cookers. There will be special 25th anniversary bandanas available to purchase this year for $5 each. The riders will be back by 3ish, so the organizers plan to present the awards then and announce the fundraisers total. Last year’s total was around $30,000. Supper will start at 4 p.m. and conclude at 6 p.m., so don’t miss out on that. It sounds like a great day all the way around.

I also got news from Kent Holowath that his son, Garrett, had a great experience at the Tier 4 Provincial Midget AA Baseball Tournament up at Athabasca this past weekend. Garrett plays with the Hanna Legends Midget team along with another shirt-tail local, Hunter Ferguson (his mom, Kathy Richmond-Ferguson used to haunt these waters) and they brought home gold. Well done, boys!

My quote of the week will go to these boys for their will to success:

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.” – Vince Lombardi.