Don’t forget Father’s Day!


May is gone and June is here but someone should inform the weatherman and tell him it’s time to have warmer weather.

Members of the Rumsey Drop-in Center would like to express thanks to the person or persons who trimmed the torn edges from the flag. The wind is surely hard on flags and things like that.

A couple of weeks ago, the quilters from the drop-in sent three quilts to Slave Lake relief fund. They were sent with Patrick’s mom who lives near there.

My apologies to Emma Herd as I missed naming her as one of the 2011 Grade 12 grads from the Wm. E. Hay Composite High School in Stettler on May 28th. I had asked as many folks as I could if they could give me the names of those who graduated this year and no one thought of Emma. Sorry Emma, but congratulations anyway.

Congratulations are also in order to Larissa Webster as she has graduated from University of Lethbridge with her B of Ed. and B. of Sc. Exercises on June 4th. Larissa is the granddaughter of Linda Helmer and the daughter to David and Tammy Webster of Big Valley. Larissa’s sister, Rayannna will be graduating from Olds College on June 18 with her degree in Business Administration. Congratulations.

Church services were held in the Morrin United church on June 5th with Rev. Mervyn and Marilyn Penfound of Stettler leading the service. Following the service, a pot-luck luncheon was enjoyed by all as this is the last service with the Penfounds until in the fall. The Penfounds have extended an invitation to join them on August 19th in the Botha community hall the evening for dancing and fellowship as they will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary that day. Celebrations will continue on August 20th with an afternoon tea in the Botha hall from 2-4 p.m.

On June 19th, which is Father’s Day, the Hunters will be with us at 10:30 a.m. and there will be a pot-luck luncheon following the service that day also. We will miss the Hunters because as of fall, they will no longer be taking services in the Morrin United Church.

Anyone missing out on the collection of good wishes for Chris and Meredith Gerdung can still do that by contacting Linda Helmer, Dianna McBride or Carrie Stoneman.

Best wishes to Bert Johnson as he continues his stay in Drumheller hospital following his hip surgery in Red Deer hospital recently.

Yes, June 19th is Father’s Day so start making plans now for the celebrations.

June 20th is the date of the next birthday party of the month at St. Mary’s Health Care Center in Trochu. Donna Sengaus will be the hostess that day and has made arrangements to have her neighbour Jill Brodi, come to the party and do a trained duck demo. Jill competes with her ducks and dogs and does demos far and wide. The volunteers that day would like to ask  for as much help as can come to the party as extra folks are needed to move patients outside for the demo. Consider coming and helping out. Thanks. Ray Duft and his partner Bob Smith will be on hand to have music during the lunch. If the weather is not okay for going outside, the party will be held inside as usual.