Don’t delay family stories for the book

As you are reading this, the Rumsey Men’s Bonspiel will be well underway with some great curling happening along with great soups and pies

Rumsey Record

As you are reading this, the Rumsey Men’s Bonspiel will be well underway with some great curling happening along with great soups and pies to enjoy as you partake in the concession that is open every evening. Don’t forget about Oyster night on Thursday, this is a classic Rumsey special that can’t be missed. The bonspiel will wrap up on Saturday with the final games being played in the afternoon and the banquet starting at 5:30. The banquet is open to everyone, so even if you are not curling, you can come in and enjoy a great meal brought to you by the Country Cookers.

As I mentioned last week, the Rumsey Historical Society is working on collecting stories from all members of our community, past and present. Please get busy writing your own and send it off to Box 62, Rumsey, AB T0J 2Y0 or email to rumseyhistorybook@ Their deadline is June 30, 2015, so we trust families will send in their stories and pictures as soon as possible so we can start compiling them into book form.

The Rumsey Community Library is still selling the last of this year’s community photo contest calendars. Help us out with our fundraiser and come pick up a beautiful calendar with all local pictures for $15. This money is used to enhance the library and all it has to offer to our community.

The Morrin Lions are holding a Valentine’s Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, Feb. 8. The proceeds will be going to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, as February is heart month. We will be accepting donations on behalf of the Heart and Stroke and a receipt will be available if wanted. This sounds like a delicious way to spend a Sunday morning, so add it to your calendars and join in.

Mary Newton let us know that her son, Brian, had a most unusual accident at work recently. A piece of machinery broke off and flew at his face severing a good part of his nose off. He went off to Calgary where the plastic surgeon worked his magic and he is back in fine shape once again nosing around at work to see what he missed.

As you may have noticed, the weather has been unseasonably warm for the month of January . This is due to a warm air mass from Hawaii called the Pineapple Express. There were new temperature records set in Banff this past Sunday with a high of 9.1 C, beating the 109-year-old record set in 1906 of 7.8 Celsius. In Edmonton, the record set at the international airport of 9.9 C set in 2006 barely held its place against the high of the day. Temperatures in Jasper on Sunday broke a record of 9.1 C set in 2006 with a high of 9.9 C, while Fort McMurray set a new record running up to 5.0 C from an old record of 3.7 C set in 1985. I guess this just goes to show you that we have seen hot weather like this before and will probably see it again, but for now, I will really enjoy it and wait for spring to come when the real temperamental weather comes roaring in.

With this weather warming the way it is, I thought I would include some of the more famous Chinook stories of the western plains that I could find.

A man rode his horse to church, only to find just the steeple sticking out of the snow. So, he tied his horse to the steeple with the other horses, and went down the snow tunnel to attend services. When everybody emerged from the church, they found a Chinook had melted all of the snow, and their horses were now all dangling from the church steeple.

A man was riding his sleigh to town when a Chinook overcame him. He kept pace with the wind, and while the horses were running belly-deep in snow, the sleigh rails were running in mud up to the buckboard. The cow tied behind was kicking up dust.

A man and his wife were out during a Chinook. The wife was heavily dressed and the man was wearing summer clothes. When the couple had returned home, the man had frostbite, and the woman had heatstroke

Have a great week and good luck to all the curlers in the Men’s Bonspiel.