Couple offers up free Hawaii trip for Alberta’s giving-est person

Cody Borek considers himself a happy person, so as he went through a bookstore and saw a woman reading

Cody Borek poses in front of his new vehicle

Cody Borek considers himself a happy person, so as he went through a bookstore and saw a woman reading a “double dictionary thick” book on how to find happiness, he racked his brain for a way to help her find happiness.

He couldn’t think of anything. At least, not until after he bought his books and found himself beside his brand-new vehicle in the parking lot.

He and his wife, Eva, had just purchased it from Aspen Ford and it came with a free round-trip airfare for two to Hawaii with a five-day stay at a five-star hotel. It occurred to him that he didn’t really need a trip, so he broached the idea of giving it away with his wife, who came on board with the idea.

The Boreks decided to give the trip away to someone in Alberta, a person nominated by others for their kind and giving nature.

The person being nominated should be “a person who you feel lives as Christ would want them to live,” Borek said, but noted that religion won’t be a factor in picking a prize winner.

Christ preached a message of being “loving, caring, forgiving, humble and selfless” people, Borek said. It’s those traits he’s looking for, not what god or faith people personally find faith in. “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself,” Borek said.

Before he could launch his giveaway, though, Borek had to get Aspen Ford on board. The trip, as given, was non-transferable, meaning Borek couldn’t actually give it away. After a brief discussion about what he wanted to do with the prize with the dealership, though, they allowed Borek to transfer the trip to the winner, yet to be chosen.

Once word of the nomination process got out, though, another person – an anonymous Saskatchewan man – donated another $500 to whoever wins the trip, so they’ll have spending money for the adventure.

The Boreks set up a Facebook page on Dec. 25, 2014, to collect nominations and by Jan. 5 had collected more than 10,000 nominations, not all from Alberta.

“Some of these stories really stick with you,” he said. One person who came to mind easily was an RCMP constable Robert Hynes in Barrhead.The nomination includes a video of the RCMP constable dancing in front of a bunch of students. Another person that came to mind for Borek is a real-life Santa, John Myslicki of Niton Junction, who currently has more than 500 nominations. The man is a pillar in his community, selflessly giving to others.

Nominations close at the end of January, and the top names will be placed in a hat. The name drawn will be the winner. Though Borek started this after seeing the happiness seeker in a Chapters store, the affect has been world-wide. People are nominating people from all over – other parts of Canada, the United States, Australia and elsewhere.

Someone, inspired by Borek’s giveaway, has set up one in Ontario – a weekend getaway to Niagara Falls, Borek said. And if he can manage to find sponsors, Borek said he hopes to do a bigger giveaway, a world-wide one so that everyone can take a moment to recognize those who make differences.

Borek said he’s had people call him, crying.

“They’ve seen themselves nominated on the page, have seen what other people are saying about them,” he explained. “It’s made them feel so appreciated.”

And no matter who goes home with the trip to Hawaii, that’s the real win.

To find out more about the giveaway, or to nominate someone, head over to the Borek’s Facebook page at


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