Coulee membership on the rise, more are welcome to join

Donalda Diary

This has been a very long winter and everyone is wishing for spring and no more snow, but you know this is the way winters used to be many years ago. The snow cover is a good thing as water is so important.

What could be more spring-like than spring cleaning?

While you are busy dredging out the winter’s collection from the garage or the basement, why not box up those gently used but still useful items and send them along to the museum for the annual pancake breakfast and garage sale. With a little luck, maybe it won’t be snowing on May 28 this year

The Donalda Coulee Friendship Club regular meeting is the second Thursday of each month at 12:30, which includes lunch. The membership is now at 24 and more are welcome to join.

The regular Pancake Breakfast and Music Jam, held every second Sunday of the month is coming up on April 10 at the drop-in starting at 11 a.m. Come out and support the club and have a fun time.

Congratulations go out to Edwina Friberg, Colby Norman, Breanna Heifer, Brad Steinhoff, Rodney Norman and Dayton Rider celebrating their birthdays this week.