Cook charged with murder of family

1999 – 10 YEARS AGO

• Harry Stuber, alias the Mad Russian, completed the downward journey from the top of the Big Valley Elevator. The Saturday adventure raised more than $3,000 towards renovations for the elevator, which will be transformed into a museum.

• This past winter Botha’s Margaret Lewis entered the Knitting Canada Contest, organized through the Canada Knitters Guild on a whim. She knitted an 18 inch square representative of Alberta. She knitted dusty pink rose petals onto the blue backdrop in the shape of Alberta. She won $500 cash prize and $500 in yarn.

1989 – 20 YEARS AGO

• Cindy Starling and Karyne Wilson were being called heroes last week after they saved the life of nine-year-old Michael Thomas. The two Stettler Elementary School teachers resuscitated the Grade 3 student after he nearly strangled himself while playing at recess.

• Central Western Rail Service Ltd. will tentatively begin offering steam-powered train service along trackage between Rowley and Edberg. The July schedule includes excursions from Stettler to Big Valley, Meeting Cree, Donalda and Edberg.

1979 – 30 YEARS AGO

• Six Stettler Junior High School students are participating in an exchange visit with Quebec students. Designed to develop understanding and goodwill between English- and French-speaking students and their families, the exchange is being organized by teacher Grace Fix.

• Town council learned last night that the population of Stettler has risen to 4,696 persons, an increase of 92 over 1978. There are 1,805 housing units in the town with 109 of them vacant.

1969 – 40 YEARS AGO

• Mesdames D. Brownlee and H. Trotter went to Alberta Book and Novelty Ltd. in Calgary and brought back 408 new books for the Stettler Municipal Library.

• Shooting Lake District News: Amidst 90-degree temperatures last Wednesday there was a phone call saying that Gerard Fryters was throwing snowballs at John Ross. The snow was found under a brush pile.

1959 – 50 YEARS AGO

• A shocked community has learned of the discovery of the bodies of Raymond and Daisy Mae Cook, and their five small children in the grease pit of the garage attached to their house at Stettler. Robert Raymond Cook has been charged with murder.

• Mrs. Jean MacDonald of Delburne, formerly of Erskine was crowned the Queen of the Rolling Pin for 1959 at the Farmers’ Day Picnic held at Rochon Sands.

1949 – 60 YEARS AGO

• Mr. J.T. Costigan returned on Friday from Toronto where he travelled by plane two weeks ago. He returned with his son Roy in a new car purchased for Pat Costigan in Ontario.

• Mr. Bill Wuest of Calgary is enjoying a vacation on the old Wuest farm north of town, which is occupied by Albert Watson. Mr. Wuest prefers this type of vacation to the Calgary Stampede.

1939 – 70 YEARS AGO

• During the thunder showers of last Friday night, lightning struck a radio pole on top of the National Hotel. Fortunately no damage was done

• The damp ground has brought a plague of mosquitoes seldom equaled around here in the past years. They are big as boxcars and they sure know how to bite.

1929 – 80 YEARS AGO

• Erskine will stage its third stampede next week, under the capable management of Harry Lynn, the ever popular auctioneer. Because of the good brand of stunts and sports, the two former stagings were real successes. A Bowery Dance will conclude each day.

• A bull moose appeared on the Bill Streit farm north of town, and appears quite tame. It is hoped that the animal protected during the summer, will continue its wanderings unhurt.

1919 – 90 YEARS AGO

• Miss Dorothy Souch obtained her ATCM at the recent examinations in connection with Toronto Conservatory of Music. All of her eight pupils who tried the exams in junior piano also succeeded in passing, four of them obtaining honours.

• J.N. Kennedy, formerly of the Merchant’s Bank, Stettler, has been appointed Alberta superintendent of the Merchant’s Bank.

1909 – 100 YEARS AGO

• Alix Free Press has issued an artistically coloured poster for the celebration at Alix July 15. The poster is printed on red and blue and is a credit to a country printing office.