Community salutes grad class

Our community celebrated the graduation of Halkirk’s six Grade 9 students last Wednesday evening at the school.

Our community celebrated the graduation of Halkirk’s six Grade 9 students last Wednesday evening at the school.

The class of 2013 at Mother Teresa Catholic School is made up of Katelyn Dahmer, Haley Grice, Morgan Kent, Simon Muncy, Shayla Schilling and Paden Williams.

Parents, grandparents, siblings and friends began the evening with a pot-luck supper table overflowing with food. Eric Neilson welcomed the guests, Father Don said grace and Tiana Gamroth was emcee for the evening.

Mike Courtney presented each graduate with a scroll, Phil Dietz gave them with Bibles on behalf of the Stettler Knights of Columbus, while Charles Muncy, on behalf of the Halkirk Elks and the community, presented hoodies and pendants.

The grades 7 and 8 class provided the entertainment and coach Kevin Perry was the guest speaker.

The Grade 9 students delivered a slideshow and memories of their Halkirk school days.

Our best wishes go out to each graduate as they continue their education in a new community.

The grades 1 through 6 students placed second at the track meet held last Tuesday at Teresetta Catholic School in Castor. They competed against the Gus Wetter, Brownfield, Christ-King and Teresetta schools. Everyone received a ribbon. Congrats to all students.

On Tuesday evening, Karen Norman’s piano students held their annual recital at the hall. Budding musicians include Katelyn Dalmer, Megan Grice, Devon and Toryn Johnson, Brooklyn Perry, Madelyn, Mikenna and Owen Schauer, Jillian Schaffner and Natalie Schilling. A lunch and visiting concluded the enjoyable evening.

Check your cupboards as 20-plus plain-white Corelle dinner plates are missing and presumed to be floating though our community kitchens. That happens when people take a plate of food to shut-ins — or go home with leftovers. The hall board needs the plates returned for future functions. Thanks.

Tracey and Ken Schilling from Calgary were fishing at Boehlke’s Pond last week and had lots of company, including the Calgary fish hatchery, which restocked the pond with 2,000 six-inch trout.

Steve and Gina Weyant of Perth, Australia, visited with Stan and Dorothy Anderson on the weekend. They have spent a month in Canada.

Vandals have been having some “fun” at our expense. Two handmade chairs that belong to the 4-H club have gone missing from the rodeo grounds, as have the solar lights from the Jamieson household, and someone was throwing rocks at the Martin home, damaging the siding.

COMING UP: June 13 — Last hall board bingo of the season at 7:30; the next one is in September; June 14 — Grade 1 orientation; June 15 — town-wide garage sale, with tables available for rent at the hall; seniors will sell snacks and coffee and host a bake table at the centre, beginning at 9 a.m.

— Halkirk Herald