Collecting evidence from the wall

It has been an incredibly busy few weeks at the library. We have been energetically getting ready for this year’s summer reading programs while the rest of the staff have been preparing for changes and helping the flood of visitors.

All three of our summer programs started in the last week. Last Monday was the launch of this year’s teen program, the Summer Spy Society. On Monday and Wednesday teens had the opportunity to play Wii, board games, make crafts and enjoy the wit of Shaun. Next Monday we will be hosting a Murder Mystery Party. We encourage all teens to dress up like their favourite mystery character.

Small Fries and Agent 009 kicked off early this week. The first Small Fries was this past Monday. Along with reading two fantastic stories, the children got to make their own beanstalks and decorate the sidewalk outside of the recreation centre. Next Monday, Small Fries will be exploring the world of shapes and feeling.

Tuesday was the first day of Junior Agent training at Agent 009. During their first day, Junior Agents received their spy alias, went on a scavenger hunt, made a detective craft, and listened to a few thrilling stories. Each Junior Agent also received a spy kit which included a spy log, briefing on Operation Whack-A-Mole, an evidence envelope, and a few other tools.

Tomorrow, July 16, Junior Agents will learn more about espionage. Kevin Beech will be visiting to teach us about a very important code, Braille. For the craft, Junior Agents will get to make a surveillance tool to add to their spy kit. Next week, Junior Agents will learn about detective work and famous detectives.

This week’s clue for Operation Whack-A-Mole is up on the evidence wall (windows). Every week we’ll add a new clue to our evidence wall.

As a reminder, details about times and group ages for the summer programs can be found at or by calling us at 403.742.2292.

While we have been running the programs, the rest of the library staff have been hard at work improving the library. Over the past week, Lisa has been adding a new coat of paint and a dash of colour to the library. Along with other staff members, Lisa will continue painting for the next weeks. Though this minor renovation is being undertaken to improve the library, we realise that it may cause a bit of inconvenience. For this reason we are more than happy to help with any problems or confusions during the painting. We also promise that the library will look fabulous once finished.