Awards for 25 years of service with Clearview went to (front

Clearview honours staff with long-service awards

Clearview School Division honoured many deserving individuals at its annual Recognition Night on Wednesday evening

Clearview School Division honoured many deserving individuals at its annual Recognition Night on Wednesday evening at the Stettler Community Hall.

Coronation School’s “3-Day Weekend,” along with music teacher Dan Kinakin, provided the lively after-dinner entertainment. The band got its start in a high school option class.

Dual winners of the Clearview Award of Merit were recognized at the gala. The award recognizes national or international achievement.

Recipient Charlene Anderson, a Halkirk native and graduate of Gus Wetter School, was appointed a federal judge in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta in February.

Anderson said she was “very proud” of her rural roots and hometown of Halkirk and linked her success to “small-town values.”

She said her appointment came, “not in spite of my small-town background, but because of it.”

The second recipient, Tricia Helfer, was not present. Her award was accepted by her parents Dennis and Elaine Helfer.

Tricia gained international fame, both as a supermodel and television and big-screen actress. She grew up on a farm at Donalda and received her education in Donalda and Stettler.

Tricia responded by a letter emailed from Newfoundland, where she was currently visiting, and read by her mother.

She said she “felt it fitting to actually be in Canada to accept her award.”

Helfer credited her rural upbringing and schooling to her success and said she was “fortunate to grow-up in the community she did, with the people she did.”

She said her rural background “kept her grounded” and “gave her the strength to push forward and succeed.”

A special tribute was given to Dr. Bill Baergen, former Clearview superintendent and trustee who died in April, by Clearview school board chairman Ken Checkel.

Checkel said Baergen was “a smart man” who was “very inspiring.”

“He discriminated against no one and strived to give everyone a good education.”

Checkel presented Baergen’s wife Donna with a “small token of appreciation and esteem” on behalf of the Clearview School Division.

Leslie Ortman was the only retiree in the list of honourees.

She is retiring after a 33-year teaching career at Erskine School.

Ortman said she had a rewarding career.

“It was a pleasure and a privilege to teach at Erskine School — a place where you know everyone’s name and they know yours,” she said.

“Where you know the parent’s names and you may have taught those parents.”

Special mention was made to recipients of other awards and recognition during the year.

Erin Stauffer was the 2013 Edwin Parr Award nominee; while Courtney Faber and Caitlyn Prehn were nominees of the Excellence in Teaching Award.

Rae Munden won the ATCO Electric Arts, Culture and Heritage Award this year at the County of Stettler service award recognition.

Stefan Olafson was awarded the Health Champion Award by Alberta Health and Wellness.

William E. Hay Composite High School’s honourable mention for the Ken Spencer Award was recognized.

The following long-service awards were recognized:

Five years —

John Bailey, Deanna Bartlett, Tanja Bessette, Rachelle Campeau, Ashley Duncan, Nichole Duncan, Carmen Fox, Susan Guba, Susan Hernando, Christine Holloway, Mary Jane Lowis, Joseph Melnyk, Katherine Melnyk, Karen Meyer, Mary Morin, Calista Nielsen, Celene Rajewski, Stacey Schedlosky, Gary Schroeder, Melitta Sorensen, Jocelyn Stevens, Nancy Tamblyn, Joseph Thibeau, Lyle Webster and Peggy Wilson.

10 years —

Penny Dahl, Sandra Keith, Starla Lachowsky, Martha MacPherson, David Morris, Jack Nagtegaal, Laura Nelson, Don Potter, Jo-Ann Sieger, Danny Tschritter and Sheri Wuzinski.

15 years —

Bob Anderson, Tim Croker, Marion Hassenstein, Ray Hassenstein, Donna-Marie McKinnon, Sheila Norman, Sandy Osburne, Patricia Ough and Shelly Pals.

20 years —

Roe Desrosiers, Joan Grover, Linda Kobi, Melissa Pasolli and David Teasdale.

25 years —

Warren Aspenes, Norbert Baharally, Denyse Boyd, Sandra Foster, Linda Haner, Patricia Hanson, Brenda Klatt, Jen Konschuh, Bonnie Lynn, Iva Lee Quance, Lynne Robson and Haley Tod.

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