CKCS welcomes parents and students to open house

CKCS opened its doors to students and parents on Wednesday, Sept. 23 for its annual open house.

CKCS opened its doors to students and parents on Wednesday, Sept. 23 for its annual open house, which is a chance for students to show their parents their classroom, their work, and to introduce them to their awesome teachers. The students also get to show their parents the exciting Book Fair, and pick out a book or two for the way home. It was wonderful to see the halls filled with so many families checking out our school. Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Also on Sept. 23, both the Christ King Catholic School girls and boys volleyball teams had their first volleyball game at Stettler Middle School. Both teams played against the SMS volleyball teams. Both teams came close to a win, but in the end conceded their first games. However, everyone had a lot of fun, and walked out as good sports with new goals to achieve in practice.

CKCS had the first School Spirit Day on Sept. 25. Students showed up to school dressed in our school colours of blue and yellow to show off their school spirit. Each class was highly motivated to be the class with the most enthusiasm in order to win the Spirit Day Trophy. Spirit Squad members travelled to each class, and took pictures of all the participants. They were excited to announce that the winner of the Blue and Yellow Spirit Day was Mrs. Barnes’ Grade 2 class. With many of the Grade 2 students showing up with blue and yellow face paint, and blue hair, they were a tough act to beat.

Also new in CKCS, Mrs. Gulak has kick started a Healthy School Club. Mrs. Gulak will be running this club with the support of Mrs. Pinkoski, Abbey Bohn and Nicole Kennedy. Mrs. Gulak explained that she decided to create this club because she wanted to help encourage students to live healthy lives. Everyone who joins the club will organize events to promote healthy eating throughout the year.

As CKCS moves into October, we look forward to many more activities and events. October will definitely be a fun-filled month.