CKCS showcases student talent

CHRIST-KING SCHOOL -- With the return of the nice weather, the CKCS Marathon Club has started up once again.

CHRIST-KING SCHOOL — With the return of the nice weather, the CKCS Marathon Club has started up once again.

Grades 1 – 9 participants run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch. Grade 1-2 students run 1.25 km and older students run a total of 2.5 km. Over the course of the next month, students will continue to run, until their total adds up to 42 km – the total distance of a marathon (a half marathon for younger students). The final race day will be held in June, and is celebrated by our whole school, by lining the track with all the students who are not participating, to cheer on our runners as they cross the finish line, completing their 42 km.

Last week, on Thursday, April 28, Spirit Squad put on the annual CKCS Variety Show. For several weeks, students practiced their various acts and prepared to showcase their talent in front of students, staff and parents. Acts included dancing, singing, piano, gymnastics, and even a “Not So Magic” magic show. Staff members even showcased their talent by dressing up in glow sticks as Stick People and dancing to the school’s favourite song “Waka Waka”. It was an afternoon filled with fun, laughter, and lots of cheering. A huge thank you goes out to all Spirit Squad members who coordinated, other helpers who set up, all the participants, and of course the parents who came to watch.

Last Friday, Spirit Squad held Formal Day as another Spirit Day. Students came dressed up in their fanciest clothes to show their school spirit. The Spirit Day Trophy went to the Grade 8/9 class for the most participation. However, a special shout-out goes to Mrs. Boxma, who outdid herself by wearing her wedding dress for the day.

This week, the CKCS Yearbook Club is beginning their yearbook sales. Consisting of junior high students, the Yearbook Club has been hard at work putting together the many pages of the book titled “CKCS Flashbacks” over the last few months. This is the first year that students have had the opportunity to work on the school’s yearbook. Each book is $20 and orders will be accepted until June 3. Books are due to arrive the first day back to school in September. The Yearbook Club looks forward to sharing these books with as many CKCS families as possible.