Church services resume each Thursday night in Botha

We hope everyone had a great long weekend and folks are ready for another month of regular activities.

We hope everyone had a great long weekend and folks are ready for another month of regular activities.

Last week, we had some cool weather and rain, and we had a bad electrical storm on Saturday night.

In general, though, we had weather up to the 30 C on Saturday, Sunday and also on holiday Monday.

Hopefully, the farmers will have some great weather now for baling their hay.

Church services start again this Thursday evening at 7 o’clock. Services will continue for the month of August each Thursday evening.

Also, we would like to welcome back Rev. Susan Bowyer, who we hope had a great holiday.

Have anything planned for the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 14? Why not come out and play Bingo, starting at 7:15 p.m. at the Botha Senior Centre. The jackpot still hasn’t been won for a while, so come out and try your luck.

Summer hours are still happening at the village office. The office will be closed Tuesday, Aug. 7, to Wednesday, Aug. 15. Then on Thursday, Aug. 16, the office will be re-opened.

For emergencies, please contact Josie Hunter at 403-742-2170, Gordon Klatt at 403-742-6241, or Jim Renschler at 403-742-5034.

Botha-area residents are advised that the contractor will be out in August to fix the various potholes around the village, which will be a nice improvement.

Have any events happening in the near future? If so, the Botha Hall is available for rent. Contact Marsha Mailer at 403-742-2559 to reserve your spot.

Don’t forget that coffee is always served on Wednesday mornings at 10 o’clock at the Botha Senior Centre. The hosts would love to see everyone come out and have a cup or two with them.

If you and yours have waited until the month of August to go on holidays, we wish everyone great weather and a fantastic holiday.

Everyone deserves a relaxing time with lots of fun.

If anyone has gone on holidays this summer, or is aware of any community events happening, please phone me at 403-742-5317, and we will get all our activities in our local column.