Christ King students learn about farm safety

CHRIST KING CATHOLIC SCHOOL -- There's a lot to report as Christ King dives right into December.

CHRIST KING CATHOLIC SCHOOL — There’s a lot to report as Christ King dives right into December. The upcoming month is already filled with many fun events, that are being anticipated by both students and staff.

Basketball season is just around the corner, both students and teachers are excited for the start up of another season. Tryouts are scheduled to start on Tuesday, Nov. 29. Our school is planning to get a head start on practices so the players are in top shape when the season officially begins in the new year.

Advent concert actors and actresses continue to be busy memorizing their lines and learning their song solos. It is always fun to watch their characters come alive as they practice.

Stage setup and costume design will begin shortly as well. This past week, classes were given their assigned songs, so CKCS will be filled with music for most of the day throughout the next few weeks. The CKCS Advent concert is scheduled to debut on Thursday, Dec. 15.

Christ King had Mass on Wednesday, Nov. 23. Father Don reminded us that the month of November was the month of Remembrance. He encouraged students and staff to pray for someone who they knew had passed away.

Parent-teacher interviews were held on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 23 and 24. Parents and students attended individual conferences with their homeroom teachers to discuss their progress so far. Both nights went smoothly.

Face2Face ministries made their annual visit to Christ King on Thursday, Nov. 24. The theme of this year was “The Moment.” Visitors Ryan and Danny talked about how it was important to slow down and enjoy all moments. They also encouraged students to not doubt when it felt like God wasn’t with them in those moments. They taught that He was always there, but isn’t always obvious with his presence since that wouldn’t allow for moments of trust. It was an awesome day of singing, praising, games, and prayer. All students and staff had a blast and are counting down the days until next year’s visit.

On Monday, Nov. 28, someone from the Jostens Yearbook Company came in to show the Yearbook Club how to use the Jostens website in order to make a fabulous 2016-17 yearbook for Christ King.

Students will also be learning about farm safety on Wednesday, Nov. 30. This program will be teaching the students about some of the dangers of being on a farm, how to be careful on a farm and what to do in case of a farm emergency.

For Christ King students, swimming lessons will continue into December.