Christ King School into Advent time

Practising for the upcoming Advent concert is in full force. Budding actors are spending recesses and lunches preparing their scenes under the direction of Miss Delhommeau and soloists are rehearsing their songs with Mrs. Hellekson. Sets and props are being created and excitement is building for our big production. We can’t wait to perform for our parents, grandparents, friends and relatives on Thursday, December 16, at Christ King Parish.

During Advent, we traditionally raise funds for George, our adopted brother in India. George has been with us for three years now and lives with his family. George’s favourite subject is drawing and he is now in Grade 4. This year, we will again be holding a draw for Christmas tree ornaments. Tickets go on sale this week and proceeds will go to support George in his studies.

The kindergarten, Grade 1 and 2 classes will be visiting their Golden Pals this week to sing Christmas carols and give their friends a small homemade gift. We are also making plans to visit the old folks’ homes on Dec. 18 with the whole school to bring some good cheer and sing carols together.

The Grade 7, 8, and 9 class is currently working on a CO2 car project with Louis Dupont in their woodworking option. The boys are using power and hand tools to shape their pieces of wood into aerodynamic shapes. Once they are finished cutting and shaping their cars, they will be painting and testing them to get ready for the big race. Stay tuned for more details. The junior high class is also thinking up creative ways to raise funds for a ski trip to the mountains in the new year.

Everyone is welcome to join us for our monthly mass this Friday, Dec. 10 at Christ-King Parish. Our last Advent celebration will be on Dec. 13.