Casino volunteers needed from Endiang

Kristin Nixon was honoured with a bridal shower at the Byemoor Hall on Wednesday evening. A large crowd of ladies presented her with a huge assortment of gifts. Kristin and Taylor Coates will be getting married on Oct. 2 in Byemoor with the wedding dance being held in Stettler.

The Endiang Community Society has been selected to work at the casino in Red Deer on Nov. 9-10. If anyone is willing to volunteer some time to work at the Casino please contact Twila Buchwitz at 579-3755 (work) or 579-2173 (home).

A correction to some news we ran a while back. The late Emma Gutsche is survived by two sons Emil (Norma) and Gary (Carmen) and son Henry had passed away in 2009. Sorry for the error.

Clifton Tucker ended up in the hospital again in Calgary, hopefully he is on the mend for sure this time.

Maxine Benson of Red Deer spent some time visiting with her daughters Clara and Ray Abram and Judy and Doug Reeves last week.

Ken and Eleanor Schultz returned from a holiday to the Cypress Hills and points of interest in Saskatchewan.

We had a fair crop of tomatoes in our garden this year which we picked and have in boxes in the basement. However, each day more and more tomatoes are turning brown. We have never seen tomatoes go this way before. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems with their tomatoes keeping this year?

Birthday greetings go out to: Sept. 17 – Barbara Schilling, Sept. 18 – Logan Thorkelson, Sept. 20 – Morris Schilling, Sept. 22 – Morgan Grams, Sept. 23 – Rosemary Stulberg.