CARA tournament win for CKCS

The end of February was very busy for all staff and students in CKCS.

Elli Anderson & Abbey Bohn

Grade 8 Students


The end of February was very busy for all staff and students in CKCS. Beginning on Feb.16, students had an extra long weekend, not returning to school until Feb. 18.

Ash Wednesday celebration took place in CKCS gymnasium on Feb. 18. Father Don came to the school to talk the students about the importance of Ash Wednesday and why we participate in it. Each student accepted the cross of ashes across their forehead to welcome in the season of Lent. Father Don spoke on the importance of not only giving something up for Lent, in remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice, but to also find a way in which to give back to those who are in need.

On Feb. 19, grades 4-9 travelled to Canyon Ski Resort, Red Deer for a day of skiing and snowboarding. All students attended lessons in the morning, and then enjoyed the beautiful weather practicing their new skills. By the end of the day, even new snowboarders and skiers were pros at the chairlift. Although tired at the end of the day, everyone enjoyed the detour from their regular routines. Unfortunately, kindergarten to Grade 3 was unable to attend their ski day on Feb. 26 due to inclement weather.

CKCS participated in National Pink Shirt Day on Feb. 25. The halls were filled with pink coloured clothing, in support of standing up to bullying. It was wonderful to see all staff and students banning together to support such a wonderful cause.

Jump Rope for Heart event took place on Feb. 27. All students travelled to the gymnasium after lunch and participated in skipping stations set up around the gym. From regular skipping, to skipping backwards, to ladder jumps, junior high students led the younger students through each station. All students had a blast exercising their hearts and raising money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. CKCS students blew their original goal of $1500 out of the water, and raised over a whopping $7000. A big thank you to Miss. Delhommeau and Mr. Wik for organizing the event.

The CKCS Chargers represented the school well on Feb. 28 at the CARA tournament hosted at SMS and CKCS. Both the girls’ and boys’ teams played hard and were proud of their efforts at the end of the day. The boys’ team came out with a victory in the consolation round, bringing a plaque back to the school for the second year in a row. A huge thanks to our coaches Mrs. Gulak and Coach Matt for their efforts this year.

Dates to look forward to in March include: March 5 and 6 will be PD Days as teachers travel to Edmonton for teachers’ convention. We wish all teachers a safe drive to the event. Report cards will go home on March 13. Stay tuned Stettler.