Byemoor students, staff line up for school year

Favourable harvest weather has allowed farmers to accomplish a great deal of harvesting these past few weeks.

Favourable harvest weather has allowed farmers to accomplish a great deal of harvesting these past few weeks. Yields and quality are reported to be very good.

The students headed back to the books at the Byemoor School when school doors opened last Tuesday.

The new beginners in Grade 1 are Cash Buchwitz, Nate Hutton, Brady Mappin and Brianna Taziar.

Teachers remain the same as last year — back are principal Corey van Zandbergen, Derrick Hatch and Gwen Keith.

Support staff is Luann Buchwitz, Linda Kobi and Erin Wilkie.

School bus drivers are Sandra Keith, Anita Mappin and Rosemary Stulberg.

Shelly Schellenberg will be teaching play school this year. There is still time to register any three- and four-year-olds interested in enrolling.

Janelle Hassett is the new teacher at the Byemoor Colony School, with Theresa Christie as the teacher aide.

The Byemoor School is holding its annual Terry Fox Run on Friday at 10:30 a.m.

Pledge sheets are available at the school for those wanting to join in on the run and support the worthy cause. The public is invited to come out and cheer the runners on and everyone is encouraged to wear red and white to proudly show Canada’s colours.

Congratulations to Jaymie Wasdal and Travis Clouston on their marriage last Saturday. The ceremony was held at Spruce Grove and the reception and dance at Stony Plain, with a number of local folks attending. Jaymie is the eldest daughter of Murray and Kim Wasdal and granddaughter of Winnie Paulsen and Art and Dot Wasdal. Murray played the saxophone for the first dance, which added to the special memories of the day.

The newlyweds will reside in Stony Plain, with their two sons, Will and Jack.

Terry Gallant has been operating the café in Endiang since Ruth broke her leg.

Lenard and Rebecca Schofer are off to Hawaii for their honeymoon, following their July wedding.

Anita Mappin attended the 40th-anniversary reunion in August of her 1972 graduating class from William E. Hay Composite High School. The class reunion was held at Rochon Sands and had an excellent turnout. There were 110 former grads present out of the 179 who graduated in 1972. There are 13 deceased from the class.

The Byemoor Hotel has announced they will be hosting a breakfast buffet once a month, starting Sept. 30. The buffet runs from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Future buffets are on Oct. 28, Nov. 25 and Dec. 16.

Mark your calendar for the upcoming bridal shower for Melitta Walgenbach, future bride of Chad Sorensen, on Oct. 19 at 7:30 p.m. at the Endiang Hall.

Taekwondo lessons have started up once again in Byemoor, with instructor Matt Chostner. Newcomers are invited to join the lessons.

Thought for the day — Why is it we never see the headline “Psychic Wins Lottery”?