Byemoor Beef club’s information day

On March 13, the Byemoor 4-h Beef Club had a meeting at Shayla Schilling's house.

On March 13, the Byemoor 4-h Beef Club had a meeting at Shayla Schilling’s house. Lorissa Schilling provided information day activities for the afternoon. The members divided into groups and we started by matching words involving 4-h and the beef industry to their meanings. We also used a variety of materials to depict a cow’s digestive system and learned how all of the different organs worked.

All of the members enjoyed learning more about the beef industry and terminologies. We learned a lot of new facts about cattle including how each of their four stomachs worked.

Afterwards we had a meeting we talked about responsibilities for achievement day and things we would like to refine for this year. We discussed district public speaking as well. Regionals were scheduled to be held at the Gus Wetter school in Castor, on March 19, 10 a.m.

We decided that we would gather in April to make some changes to our stall display. Every member came up with an idea of something we could improve upon this year. Members established April 24 as a possible day to hold mock achievement.

Thank you to Lorissa Schilling for providing activities and information for the members to learn about.