Building birdhouses was a great experience

You may have noticed that there were a lot of students outdoors enjoying the hot summer-like weather the last few days.

SES students are encouraged by planting activities to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the natural world.

SES students are encouraged by planting activities to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the natural world.

You may have noticed that there were a lot of students outdoors enjoying the hot summer-like weather the last few days. In fact, all physical education and daily physical activity classes were held outside due to some work being done in the gym in preparation for a new video and sound system being installed in the gymnasium. The unusually hot weather was perfect for outdoor classes.

Recesses outside this past week were extra fun. Partly because it was so warm and student could shed even the lightest of jackets, but mostly recesses were special because of new equipment the Parent Council purchased for the recess buckets. Each grade level has a big tub, or recess bucket, that this filled with age appropriate playground toys. New balls of every colour and size, as well as sidewalk chalk, proved to be a huge hit during recess. Thank you to the school council for providing these fun-filled recess buckets. And a thank you to Mrs. Danneilia Bradford for donating her time to organizing and fill the recess buckets. Recess is so much fun when you are young, the weather is perfect, and the buckets are overflowing with new equipment!

For the past few days in Stettler Elementary School’s Early Learning Program, three and four year old learners enjoyed the theme: The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Program co-ordinator and teacher, Mrs. Bruketa, along with her support staff created a caterpillar classroom. The youngsters learned about caterpillars through songs, games, crafts and even during gym activities. The students enjoyed imagining they were sleeping chrysalises before turning into beautiful butterflies. To make this magical transformation happen, the students used colorful scarves as wings. The little ones squealed with delight as they waved their brightly coloured wings around the classroom. The children are also anxiously looking forward to their upcoming butterfly adventure!

Mrs. Thorne and her kindergarten class would like to pass along a thank you to Anne Besenthal for her donation of sea shells, star fish and other sea creatures. The students have been having lots of fun sorting, making patterns, and playing with them as they imagine they are on a seaside beach. The much appreciated donation is a wonderful addition to their sea study.

All kindergarten students were invited to bring their parent out for an evening of birdhouse building. Participating students met in W.E. Hay where Mr. Goodrich welcomed the students and helped them construct the birdhouses that he had pre-cut for them. Thank you to Mr. Goodrich for volunteering once again this year to make this memorable event possible for kindergarten students.

A number of classrooms in SES are engaged in the 30 x 30 Nature Challenge. The intent of the 30 x 30 Nature Challenge is to connect children to the natural world by encouraging them to experience the outdoors in many different ways. Being outside has shown to improve physical health as well as emotional well-being. Students are keeping track of their outdoor adventures with the goal of 30 minutes for 30 days during the month of May. Their adventures have included nature walks, planting, outdoor games, and much more.

Students and staff gathered in the gym Friday afternoon for the May assembly. Mrs. Lynes played the music while Mrs. Geddes’ grade two students led the singing of the 7 Habits song. May’s featured Habit was Habit 6. Kindergarten students provided an entertaining lesson on the Habit. Following their presentation, a plan for the new jump ropes that the School Council purchased was described. The new plan focuses on helping students keep track of the ropes, enjoy learning to jump rope properly and to use the ropes in a safe manner. Jumping rope will now happen in the new “Jump Rope Corrals.” The cleverly painted corrals will be scattered around the tarmac encouraging the students to jump a bit and then leave the rope in the corral for someone else to enjoy. Mrs. Fischer, Mrs. Lang and Gavin Bruketa were willing participants in demonstrating the new jump rope plan. Assemblies are a perfect venue for demonstrating new initiatives such as the “Jump Rope Corral.” May’s assembly was the last of the regular monthly assemblies. Nonetheless, everyone is looking forward to the year-end assembly and the possible unveiling of the new video and sound system in the gym.