Botha goes green for St. Patrick’s Day festivities

Let’s get our green back out and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday.

Let’s get our green back out and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday. Use your imagination and have a great green-coloured meal for the day. There are several great recipes on the Internet to celebrate the special day. So have some fun with what you wear, drink and eat for the special day.

With Easter coming up soon, there is a Ham Bingo scheduled for this coming Tuesday at 7:15 p.m. at the Botha Senior Centre.

At the last Bingo, the loonie pot was won, so a big congratulations goes out to the winner, but the jackpot is still up for grabs.

With time change last Sunday, church time has also changed. Church services stat at 9 a.m. from now until the end of June, instead of 11 a.m. Come out and hear Rev. Susan Bowyer and worship each Sunday. Palm Sunday takes place Sunday, March 25, the beginning of the Easter season.

Congratulations goes out to all the winners of the 4-H club show last Sunday. Being a 4-H member is very hard and constant work, and everyone is a winner for doing their part. 4-H animals are great looking animals, so keep it up, everyone. The Botha community is very proud of all of you.

This month at Botha School, students are planning on another fun trip by going out to the Alliance Ski Hill before it gets too warm out. This trip is planned for March 25, so they’re hoping for good weather so they can get out and enjoy themselves. They would like to say a big thank-you to the school council for helping to subsidize some of the cost. Also to anyone that helped out … without everyone’s help, these trips would be impossible to achieve.

Then their spring break starts on Monday, March 25, and runs through April 2, so hopefully everyone enjoys their time off.

In Mrs. Maxwell’s grades 2/3 class, the Grade 3s are helping the Grade 2s by reading the short beginning novel called “The One in the Middle is the Green Machine.” Sounds interesting.

They are also testing and building in science. In social studies, they are discussing local and international organizations that help people around the world in their studies of global citizenship.

In Mrs. Melnyk’s class, they are asking parents to help their child by getting students to read more to them and marking it down on their child’s agenda. That also applies to working more on their math skills at home.

In ELA, they have finished an extremely fun unit learning about poetry. Poetry collections will be marked and on display at the student-led conference, which takes place the evening of March 14.

Mrs. Boxma’s Grade 1s had a lot of fun on their 100th day of school. Some of the favourite activities included making 100-day hats, building rafts for 100 pennies and blowing up 100 balloons. They even had a cake, with 100 Smarties on it, to enjoy.

In math, they are moving on to measurements. They will be comparing and ordering things according to length, area, capacity and mass.

The children in kindergarten had a fun-filled Valentine’s Day. They delivered their Valentines, had a heart-treasure hunt, and hope all parents enjoyed their homemade wreath their child made for them. They would like to thank everyone who supplied Valentine snacks for them, which they really enjoyed, and for all the parents that came out to help.

They are hoping all parents will attend their student-led conference, so they can show you their work. Sounds like a fun time for everyone.

An exciting Sunday afternoon is planned for March 31 at 1:30 p.m. at the Botha Hall. The “Country Gems” Band will be the entertaining group that afternoon. There will be a pooled lunch, so please bring buns/sandwiches or dessert with you to share. Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Quilting Day will be Monday, March 25, so come on out at 9 a.m. for another great day.

Here is something to mark on your calendars: Calling all seniors out Easter Monday, April 1, at 11:30 a.m. to the Botha Senior Centre for the Botha monthly meeting. This will have a pot-luck, so please bring something with you to share. Meeting to follow right after the pot-luck.

So here’s hoping everyone has a great week, and the luck of the Green be with you.